Sunday, June 10, 2007


I've spent most of the day in and out of bed, feeling poorly due to the double ear infection I picked up last week (go antibiotics!). Which means that I really haven't had the time to fiddle around with the blogger template, but in the meantime, here's a little treat for you guys.

It's an anime music video, which are commonly made by fans piecing together anime footage with the music of their choice. You know... like making a music video. =)

Anyway, this is the first and only AMV that I've ever made, way back in college in 2001, and it occurred to me that someone might find it interesting to watch. I don't think it's spectacular by any measure, and people certainly make much more amusing/better/well-done videos than this one. But I'm perversely proud of it, since I spent hours slaving away at it, using Adobe Premiere. The footage isn't the best quality, since I was using digital raws for it, which weren't encoded very well. But regardless, it actually looks decent on Youtube.

So, for your viewing pleasure, "Metamorphosis".


Laura Kramarsky said...

Jenny --

Sorry to hear of your ear troubles. If, within a couple of weeks of getting better, you start to feel dizzy, call your doctor and tell him. Don't say "oh well, this will pass." With really bad ear infections, you can get inner ear problems (not dangerous, just *annoying*) and they may not go away without antivert or other drugs.

Hope you feel better soon!


Jennifer said...

Ooo. Last of the Mohicans toonage. Excellent choice.

Jenny Rappaport said...

Laura Kramarsky, I actually have the dizzy spells and everything already... they're going away, but I'm still periodically getting them, which then makes me nauseous. Delightful!

Katey Coffing, Ph.D. said...

Tres cool vid, Jenny!

My hubby got one of those ear infections. He had to go to two docs and try two different antibiotics to before he got it cleared up. I hope yours gets cured quickly.

Gina Black said...


Very nice video. Love the LOTM soundtrack. I wrote many, many scenes of my historical to it. The cut you chose evokes such yearning . . . it's perfect for a romance. ;)


Amy said...

Not good Jenny. Middle ear problems stink. It actually can make everything from riding a bike to even standing upright downright dangerous, not to mention painful.
I got dizzy at work last week and fell off my chair right in front of the class (I'm a teacher) A message to get some rest! Sounds like you're being told to do the same. Hope you're better soon.
BTW- Metamorphosis was cool.

Patrick McNamara said...

If you like that you should try to track down the original film the footage was taken from.

One of the most hilarious AMVs was the Anime Boston winner, Something Wicked This Way Comes. ( It's a re-editing of the children's film Totoro done as a horror. The same studio also did No Reason, ( which is also quite funny.

resurrectedwarrior said...

Concerning the vid - Well, I liked it. 'Tis better than anything I could have done!

Ear - I don't know much about that, but my mom has some upper-range hearing loss due to some whopper ear infections (her eardrum busted once). Take care of yourself!

And I like the new logo, btw. Looks cool.

Karen said...

Cool video! Anime meets Fantasia!

Hope the ears are better. Hearing loss is serious and often permanent so don't put things off.