Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sho-Comi anyone?

ETA: The entire collection of 34 issues has been purchased. I'm glad that they're going to a good home. =)

So, I've got something like 20+ issues of Sho-Comi, which is a phonebook style manga magazine published in Japan. They're from a couple of years ago, as I bought them to read Alice 19th, when it was running there. They are, quite obviously, in Japanese.

Does anyone want them? Monetary compensation would be nice, of course, and we could discuss that privately--it's not strictly necessary though. If you do want them, you would have to pay me back for the media mail shipping, however.

Any takers? They're going to be recycled, otherwise.

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Sarah said...

Ooh, I'm interested. :)

Could you email me at dagger.ix1 at