Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I've got talent

Somehow, I've managed to schedule the following events all for today, when there clearly is not enough time for any of them.
  1. Lunch with a client
  2. Making applesauce
  3. Canning applesauce
  4. Doing laundry, so I have clean clothes to bring to Virginia (conference tomorrow)
  5. Packing for Virginia
  6. Taking Zoe to the vet because she keeps sneezing and scratching her poor little nose. (We suspect allergies.)
  7. Ya know, that work stuff.
And in answer to the question that is lurking in your minds, dear blog readers... no, I cannot put off making the applesauce because my apples are freshly picked and I will be in Virginia for a week, and then they will not be good when I arrive home. But I'm going to double-crockpot-it (new words, hooray!), which will at least let the applesauce cook slowly, and I can can it this evening.

And Chris made apple pie last night and I got to have it for breakfast. So life has some compensation to the hectic schedule today. =)


James Dashner said...

Ah man, I wish I could have lunch with you.

Ben S. D. said...

Use organic Paula Reds for your sauce! Do it! Soooo good. :)

I'm gonna go eat one right now. Got me thinking about apples; the quintessential New England treat. My father's favorite food, and as he always says, "if you don't like apples, you're not human." It's true!

Laura Kramarsky said...

Next time you make applesauce, try throwing a bag of cranberries into the crockpot with the apples. It's YUMMY. (I make mine with granny smith apples because that's what we grow, but I imagine it would be good with whatever kind of apples you use.)

Sheryl Nantus said...


fresh applesauce...

*insert Homer Simpson drooling here*

good luck on that - as for the little one, cats do get some nasty allergies. My fat boy Mitchell here has gone into sneezing fits for up to a full minute!

very icky when he's on your lap...


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

What can I bribe you with to slip me some of that applesauce? I made some for Yom Kippur and I've been fighting the Tour Manager and the Opening Act for it ever since.

It's nice to be allowed in the kitchen every once in awhile, and it's even better that the family flips over what I make, but how about sharing it with me???

Seriously. What can I bribe you with?

kaedajnor said...

An apple a day has kept the doctor away from me for years. Does applesauce have the same effect? Or this whole thing just a placebo on my mind?

- Jaden Nation