Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Post details, etc.

To whet your appetite for future blog content, I offer the following topics for posts, which I will get to this week. At the moment though, I'm off to go to bed in a bit, before waking up for the business day. =) So just a list for now--they keep you on track, right?.
  1. Yes, the wedding pictures. Yes, a post about the wedding. We're still waiting to get our official photos back from our photographer.
  2. Yes, posts about Alaska and the honeymoon. Awesome state, truly.
  3. Major pimpage of THE PRINCES OF THE GOLDEN CAGE by Nathalie Mallet, which debuted during my wedding chaos.
  4. More client pimpage because you know, my clients are cool like that. =)
  5. Exciting surprise professional news!
  6. Some more thoughts on the SFWA thing, as well as my thoughts on "piracy", etc.
  7. A possible post on the new ideas about revising royalty structures (I need to research this some more, before I can even begin to formulate coherent ideas about this, so this may be a bit in coming.)
  8. A Zoe picture, of course.
Things on the horizon for next week:
  1. Several different posts answering all the great questions that were asked before my honeymoon.
  2. Whatever interesting comes my way, and that I feel like talking about.
How I'll be spending my work week:
  1. Answering the 367 e-mails in my inbox.
  2. Calling clients to catch-up.
  3. Calling editors to follow-up on projects that were submitted.
  4. Dealing with a large number of foreign rights things that need to be mailed.
  5. Finalizing some contracts.
  6. Looking for a new intern in NJ; my intern, Michelle, made the last-minute decision to move to California, and so I am internless again. A note for people waiting on word about partials: Michelle took home a big bin of them, approximately half my slush pile, to work on while I was gone. She's gone through them, but I'm waiting for her mother to drop the bin back off at my house (Michelle is in California already). There may be further delays in response time, as I can't do anything until her mother comes by sometime this week. They are, safe and sound, however, so please do not worry about them. =)


Anonymous said...

What?!?!?! Only ONE Zoe picture?

Cathy in AK said...

You came all the way up here on your honeymoon and didn't stop in to say hello? OK, you have no blinking clue who I am (I read your blog but haven't commented) and you were probably a tad busy.

Congratulations on the marriage and welcome back.

JDuncan said...

Ok, guess I have another one to add to the question list for future blogs. This is a fairly specific genre, query question (yeah, I know, another @#$% query question).

How do you query an epic fantasy that is multiple books in length when the first book is not a self-contained story? I know that nearly every agent who has spoken on the subject of queries has said you really want that first book to stand alone, and then you can speak about sequels after. But epic fantasies don't often fall neatly into that realm. At least some of the ones I've read don't. You have a multi-book length story line with smaller ones that are generally contained within each book. So, in essence, how do you query what is basically only part of a story?

I have been beating my head on the keyboard with my fantasy trying to figure this out without getting my query tossed out of hand because the book isn't 'stand alone' (and yes, I do realize that does make the book a bit harder to market).

Being the smart woman you are, and into the fantasy genre from what I've seen on your blog, do you have any pearls of wisdom of offer on this?