Saturday, September 08, 2007

Primal scream

At college, they always had an event during finals week each semester, to help students let off excess stress. It was aptly named "Primal Scream", and that's what people did. They'd build a bonfire by the Fence (a CMU landmark, of sorts), make some food, and students would gather around and scream until their finals stress was gone.

I think it's a good concept to revive around now. =)


One, two, three... *scream*.

I certainly feel better now--do you? =)


kathie said...

Hey Jenny,
I didn't realize you (yinz) guys did that up at CMU, in'at. Just kidding. I went to Pitt and though I attended parties at CMU and frequented the Panther Hollow Inn with CMU'ers, we Pittsters were not privvy to such activities as Primal Scream. I guess they didn't give a crap if we kids at Pitt imploded from finals stress. We were left to our own devices--booze and food-fights. I loved going to your spring festival...but I can't complain about Pitt, either. Loved it. Hang in there with your current stress. It'll all go away before you know it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it does feel better. I have a good idea what you're screaming about. I've got my own reasons to scream. Hang in there. You're not alone. Give hubby and kitty a hug.

WitchEmber said...

Today is my son's birthday party. Twenty 7 year olds hopped up on cake and ice cream. I'll have had plenty of screams before the day is over. :)

Lee Ann Ward said...

Hey, it works! ;)

Jeff Strand said...