Friday, October 19, 2007

From Zoe

(Being fully aware that Jenny is tired and silly, Zoe has dictated the following post about her recuperation from illness.)

I look like a poodle. At the veterinary hospital, they shaved parts of my front legs, to stick things in me, and now they have no fur. This disturbs me greatly and I like to lick at them a lot. The fur has not grown back yet, despite all the time that I have spent licking them. My parents say they also look like wristwarmers, but regardless, I do not like them.

They also shaved my tummy, almost all of it, when they had to do an ultrasound on me. It is cold and bare now, and it would be silly to lick it all, to make the fur grow back. I am taking advantage of being able to curl into a little cat ball, to keep it warm.

I am very happy to be home now, and am taking great comfort in being able to nurse on my blanket-mommy. Blanket-mommy is an old fleece blanket that is on my parents' bed, and it feels like my cat-mommy. I am very close to it, and groom it too.

They are feeding me special cat food from the vet; I don't normally like wet food, but this stuff is alright. I'm also feeling well enough to drink from the sink again, which they didn't let me do at the hospital. My parents tell me that I have no parasites and am just recovering from a bad bout of gastritis. All I know was that my tummy hurt.

Finally, I would like to tell you all that I am being tortured daily. Daddy holds me swaddled in a big blue towel, and Mommy attacks me with a long syringe full of liquid medicine. I try to bite at it, a lot, but somehow Mommy gets it in my mouth and squirts the stuff down my throat. I have to take two different types of antibiotics (the second one is disgusting and I foam a little), plus a quarter-tablet of Pepcid each day. The Pepcid is by far the easiest part, since Mommy cuts it up and shoves it down my throat. She is very brave because I try to bite her fingers when she does that.

That is all. You may continue to worship me from afar, as I get better. There is a mouse on a string that's calling me...

(All further blog posts will be written by actual humans. Good night.)


BuffySquirrel said...

Poor kitty!

Still, it's nice to be home.

Jeff Strand said...

Wow! My cat types blog posts frequently, but they're more like: vdafeffff (and I'm pretty sure she mispelled "vdafeffff). Kudos to Zoe!

jlboduch said...

Very, very cute. I have four cats and can COMPLETELY relate--as can my kitties. One of them ate a poinsettia once and the vet told us to give him (the cat, not the vet) hydrogen peroxide every 15 minutes. A good time was had by all, I assure you. (Not).

My cats send their get well wishes and urge Zoe to stay strong.

spyscribbler said...

Oh, the baby! You guys are good with the meds. That cracks me up with the mommy-blanket!

I'm so glad she's hope and things are looking up!

Anonymous said...

Dear Zoe,

Your person-mommy said that all future blog posts will be written by humans. Don't let her stifle your creativity like that. We cats need to express ourselves, too!

By the way, when I was a kitten I used to nurse on my person-mommy's ear. I thought she was my real mommy because she and my person-daddy rescued me when I was only two weeks old. But when I grew up, I stopped the ear thing. Now I just like to cuddle with them a lot.

I hope to hear from you again and I hope you feel better really soon.


(did you guess that I'm a calico?)

Karen Duvall said...

Zoe, I'm so glad you're feeling better! My kitties Teddy, Sammy and Cody all wish you well. They told me to tell you to ask your mommy to rub a little catnip on your blanket-mommy. My three fur babies all have their own catnip blankets with pockets to put the catnip in. They cuddle with their blankies in front of the fireplace every night (when they're not curled up on my husband's or my lap).

Ryan Field said...

Poor thing sure has been through a lot. I hope this is the end of it.

Tess said...

Dear Zoe,

Wow, what an ordeal! Glad you're on the mend now. My girls, Chloe and Cleo send purrs, licks and headbumps in sympathy. Chloe says she too has been tortured by parents with syringes and liquid meds and hopes it ends for you soon.

Kaleb Nation said...

Send those pesky people to Miss Snark's blog for agent advice. She'll set em straight so you can write about your cats ;)

Love the site.

Chumplet said...

Dear Zoe,

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. It makes my morning more tolerable.

You see, I was booting around the house playing with a milk cap when it fell into the cold air intake grate on the hallway floor. I tried to reach it but my toe got caught.

I called out to my boy Andrew and my mom. At first they thought I caught a mouse, so I yelled louder.

They came running. Mom lifted the grate so it wouldn't hurt my toe, and Andrew got a pair of pliers so Mom could separate the slats.

I got loose and ran to the kitchen. I was very embarrassed, but I got over it in time.

Regards, Ridley

Anonymous said...

Zoe, I'm glad that you're keeping your parents on their toes! My very fiesty kitty, Winston (who thinks he's five, when he's really 17 years old ((that's around 80 in human years)) sends you his best wishes for a full recovery!!

Now get that Meesie!

Anonymous said...

Was it Zoe's illness that kept you away from SiWC this weekend? I was sorry to not get to meet you, but Spencer was very nice too.

Jenny Rappaport said...

No, it wasn't the cat's illness that kept me away from SiWC.

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear--then it was you? I hope you're feeling better now! ('Twas an excellent conference, btw, but I was hoping I could shake your hand!)

Laura L said...

You can always tell a cat feels better when they are able to drink out of the sink again. One of ours even insist we give him a cup.