Monday, October 15, 2007

Things to do before you die, #8534

Refrigerate cat poop, so that the vet can extract useful scientific data from it, by the time it finally arrives at the vet's office and is more than twelve hours old.

Yes, I did it.

It was double-bagged.

(Zoe is still at the veterinary hospital; no more vomiting or diarrhea, which is good. They are schtuffing her full of fluids. And no visible obstructions showed up on any ultrasounds at all, which is a very good thing. She just has some swollen lymph nodes, they said. Hopefully, we get to pick her up tomorrow night, if they ever figure out what's wrong. =)


Ben S. D. said...

#8534? Damn, I'm only on #14. ;)

Anyway, it's good to hear Zoe is gonna be all right. I'm a cat person myself - which, for whatever reason, makes people think I might be gay - and cats are my kind of critter. They lead the life I could only dream of leading! Well, without the kitty sickness.

hollymc said...

This proves you are a good mom. :p I hope Zoe gets to come home soon. She'll be so happy to see you!

Josephine Damian said...

Jenny, I have a lot of vomit machines, er, cats, and it sounds like a typical reaction to change in food.

Be cautious about the vet ER's clinics. They can be notorious for taking advantage of people who are in a panic over a sick pet. I learned this the hard way.

Keep us posted.

Karen said...

How is Zoe?

James Dashner said...

I'd recommend not using those bags again.

Ganbatte ne.

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that. (Only I always figured a single zipper bag was good enough. It's not as if I laid the bag amongst the produce or anything.)

I hope Zoe is feeling better.

Don said...

My brother who's a vet had some words on the sample.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I thought the name of this blog was "Lit Soup," not "Cat Soup," much less "Cat Poop."

It's sort of becoming one of those situations where you avoid a blog, much like you avoid distant relatives who show you their vacation pictures.

Come on, Jenny, you work in the PUBLISHING INDUSTRY! Surely, you've got something to say about publishing, don't you?

Kelly Swails said...

Ah. This doesn't gross me out at all. I work in a clinical laboratory, after all. I can go way grosser than cat poop in the fridge. :)