Saturday, November 24, 2007


While you're home with your loved ones this weekend, may I seriously recommend the movie, Enchanted?

It's wonderful satire about Disney films, by Disney itself, and you leave the theater grinning.

I loved it. =)


moonrat said...

it didn't bother you at all that he dumps his successful, smart, good role-model girl friend for a family-oriented fairytale princess type? i just came out of it feeling like feminism took another horrible blow.

my mother said, "it's a disney movie. what did you expect?"

Tawna Fenske said...

We saw it last night for "date night," and I have to agree! Even my husband thought it was great.


Jenny Rappaport said...

moonrat, on this one, I'm actually with your mom. It IS a Disney movie, and they've never been noteworthy for feminism, etc.

Also, I really am a sucker for a good love story, and it was totally evident from the beginning that Robert and Giselle belonged together. I would have been horribly mad, if I didn't get my HEA. =)

Chris Redding said...

It was entertaining and uplifting in only the Disney way.
I thought it would be funnier.
My 9 YO laughed through most or it, but he's easy to make laugh.
But, the three of us did need to get out of the house so I'm glad we went.

Bethany said...

Oh Good! I was wanting to see this movie and hoped it lived up to the hype. ;-)

Sabrina said...

Thanks for recommendation. I've been watching the commercials and trying to gauge whether it would fall into my (very small) list of movies I'm willing to pay to see in theaters. I think I do want to see it--I've had a craving for the movie theater experience for months now (just couldn't find anything I wanted to watch enough).