Monday, November 05, 2007

Internet sucks

My internet and land line phone are totally broken, at the moment. I hate Cablevision. I will not rant very much, but just let you know that at the very best, service will be intermittent until the "supervisory technician" comes on Wednesday to determine if it's an outside problem (damn hell it's an outside problem). This has been going on for seven months now... look, we can all watch Jenny go insane. =)

I will be answering e-mail, as I have service. Please bear with me.


Ben S. D. said...

That totally sucks.

As I work from home, too, if I didn't have a functioning Internet, I'd have some kind of breakdown. Thankfully, I have Comcast and this cable modem is SILLY fast; even faster than the one I had in my last location. Extremely reliable, too. I have this deal where I get the cable modem, a digital TV cable package (like 100 channels), and land line phone with all the bells and whistles for $115/month.

But I know all about bad cable companies. Before Comcast came in a few years ago, everything was just AWFUL. I remember those dark times, so I feel ya, Jenny. Smack the technician a few times when he shows up; maybe that'll help.

JustABand said...

Oh, I could rant for hours about my problems with the phone company... You should see how bad the service is in Texas.

- JustABand

Arjay said...

Hmmm, you don't have Charter Cable, or do you? My problem seems to move from one to another. First the telephone, then the cable box, then the internet. This has been going on for over a year. They've finally decided to run a new heavier cable into the house. Miss Dig flags have been in my neighbor's and my yards for over a month. Maybe they're waiting for the ground to freeze.


Ryan Field said...

It's frustrating, but I hope you at least get a really good looking "supervisory technician" on Wednesday to do the diagnostic.