Thursday, November 22, 2007

Kittens and husbands and tarts, oh my!

I'm being rushed out the door by a very persistent husband, who insists that we get over to his parents for Thanksgiving dinner, so this will be short.

I am thankful for having conquered the chocolate caramel tart recipe from CHOCOLATE AND ZUCCHINI, even though I had to redo the entire crust yesterday, and I was up till six am this morning making it.

I am thankful for having a family that loves me; a husband I adore; and a cat that truly is the fur-kid of my heart. =)

I am thankful for you, my blog readers, and the people who I find on the internet, who almost always succeed in making my days brighter and happier. Working from home can be isolating sometimes, and this blog is one of the best ways I've found of beating that.

I am thankful, also, for the following things, in no particular order: books, video games, a love of reading and writing, great clients, wonderful friends, Codex, chocolate, knitting, YARN!, Dusty the dog (my original fur-kid), Lori Perkins, anime, Japanese dramas, "Ugly Betty", and fellow geeks everywhere.

I know that I'm leaving things off the list, but I am most thankful that I am alive and happy in this world, which even though it can be messed up at times, is still an adventure that I want to keep on having. =)

Happy Turkey Day, everyone!


Gina Black said...

That was lovely. Thank you! :)

Ryan Field said...

This may sound sappy, but among the many things for which I'm thankful I appreciate a blog like this where I can get important information on some days, and read about your personal joys and struggles on other days, Jenny. And, for the record, I don't know Jenny and there's very little she can do for me professionally...I just like this blog.

Denise said...

Hi Jenny!

I've enjoyed reading a few of your blogs. You have a "hyggelig" voice (that's "cosy" in Danish - related to the English word "hug". OK, I'm an ex-anthropologist...)Glad to read that your getting someone to help you with snail mail.

About Thanksgiving - I live in Denmark and it drives me NUTS that people here begin marketing Christmas before I've done Thankgiving with my kids and husband.

Denise "White Like Bones" Fastrup,
Desperate in Denmark

Impy said...

Japanese dramas?

As in... the television dramas, like Kimi wa Petto or Gokusen or any number of others? Or did you mean something else?

Jenny Rappaport said...

Japanese dramas such as Hana Yori Dango, Nodame Cantible, Galileo, Dance Drill (I now want to be a cheerleader, I kid you not), Hanakimi, etc.

It's my newest obsession. I'm actually watching more of them than anime nowadays. =)