Friday, December 28, 2007

Benazir Bhutto

Also, oh dear, I fear I verge into politics again here. But I'd just like to say that I am most annoyed and rather depressed at yesterday's assassination of Benazir Bhutto. I don't think she was a perfect politician; there's pretty good proof that she was fairly corrupt, and she was run out of office twice.

But you have to give the woman a good deal of credit for managing to be the world's first female leader of an Islamic nation.

So whatever else her flaws and sins were, may she rest in peace.


SaraMurphy said...


Ryan Field said...

"But you have to give the woman a good deal of credit for managing to be the world's first female leader of an Islamic nation."


Cindy said...

I think the corruption came from the runners more than the runnee - funny word to try and spell, but you get my drift.

Diane M. Wylie said...

What a shame they had to do that to her. She had a great deal of courage, no matter what else she may have done. I have to give her credit as well.

I hope women, in that region of the world in particular, gain more understanding.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year!

Talking about Benazir, I think her greatest contributions in her present avatar was to try to wean away Pakistan from fundamentalism and military rule to a more liberal and democratic rule.

manoj pandey, new jacketflap member with id: manopan

Anonymous said...

Bhutto's certainly not the first female leader of a predominantly Muslim country. Northern Africa, Asia, and the Middle East have a very long history and powerful queens and sultanas are part of it. In modern history, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Turkey have all had women as prime ministers or presidents in the past 20 years.

Purely in terms of Pakistan, Britain's Elizabeth II preceded her, of course, since Pakistan was part of British India until it became independent in 1948.

From what I know of Bhutto, she was not a good leader and my personal opinion is that no one is deserving of admiration simply because of their gender. If she had been an honest leader her achievements would be noteworthy, but wearing a skirt doesn't entitle her to a lower ethical bar.

In addition to the charges of money laundering, etc. that she personally faced, her husband, given a minister position during her second term, was arrested on charges of organising the murder of her own brother and the murder of a judge and his son (and some other, lesser charges). Does anyone really believe that she could have had no knowledge of that?

Bhutto's not a person deserving of credit, regardless of whether she sits or stands when she pees.