Friday, December 14, 2007

This is real bravery

I so admire Heather Armstrong. Not because I want to be like her, but because she has tremendous courage in making posts like this. If you need to get your mental health treated, go do it; don't ignore it.

I see a therapist every week and he pounds sense into my head. It's a good arrangement--I think everyone out there needs some type of person to speak to objectively. =)


Anonymous said...

I just began going to a therapist again. This week.
My Dad died at 92 and he was unhappy every day of his life. At least the time I knew him.
LIfe is way too short to be unhappy all the time.
So I'm working on mine.

Laura Kramarsky said...

You know, I always wonder about how people are going to react to various health things. I told my agent last week that I am having some problems writing at the moment because I've been dealing with mental/physical health problems.

The six doctors attempting to treat me have all gotten together and decided that I am a "very interesting case" and I probably *don't* have cancer, but rather a devastating and extremely rare sensitivity to an antic-convulsant (epilepsy med) I've been taking for years.

This is good news. (Not having cancer is always good news.) But it means that I've been off my anti-depressants for three months because early on they wanted as many chemicals out of my system as possible. It also means that they've now got me on a new anti-convulsant, but no one knows how much I can take or for how long. And I can't add an anti-depressant to the mix because no one knows how I would react.

And between the little seizure-type glitches in my brain and the lack of anti-depressants, writing isn't going well.

But, lucky for me, I don't have a deadline, and, also lucky for me, I have a wonderful agent, and all was well.

I will say that on my *personal* blog, not my writing blog, the posts I get comments on again and again from total strangers are the health posts. So I think there's a certain desperation out there, that people are searching for information about their own mental and physical health. So it may actually be important to speak out.

And, yeah, I agree: everyone should have someone to talk to who *isn't* involved personally with all the other people and situations in his or her life. Therapy is good. (Though, if you need drugs, talk therapy doesn't do the trick, I can say from experience!)

Ryan Field said...

My parents are retired therapists, and I agree.

Cocaine Princess said...

I have a question I am hoping you will answer. Is it possible for a literary agent to reject a query letter simply because he/she may have no interest in the genre or do they keep an open mind? I thank you for reading this. May you find your light.
Cocaine Princess