Sunday, January 06, 2008

Post removed

I don't know if the feed caught it, but if it did, you may wonder where it is now...

I've removed a post that was a rant about my hatred of yarn ends. It's really not that fascinating. Move along now. =)


Anonymous said...

Maybe it wasn't a 'purl' of wisdom, but my wife and I had a good laugh - because she was feeling exactly the same way with a 'secret' dress she was knitting.

Barbara said...

I'm totally with you on the yarn end thing. I crochet, and I hate weaving in ends more than anything.

David said...

I wish I could have read your rant about how stories should end.

Oh, wait, different kind of yarn. Never mind.

jan said...

Post removed? POST REMOVED????

(Scrolls down a little...)

No, wait, the cute kitty photo is still there.

No problem, then.