Thursday, February 28, 2008

Meet Autumn Rain

Welcome to the twisted world that exists in David J. Williams' books. =)

To quote the cover copy from THE MIRRORED HEAVENS, which comes out on May 20th:

"In this thrilling debut, David J. Williams delivers a hard-hitting blend of military SF and dystopian cyberpunk, set in a futuristic landscape where hostilities rage from the Eastern and Western hemispheres to the outer ranges of space.

In the 22nd century, the first wonder of a brave new world is the Phoenix Space Elevator. Built by the United States and the Eurasian Coalition following a second cold war, the Elevator is the grand symbol of the new alliance of the superpowers. And it's just been destroyed.

The mysterious insurgent group Autumn Rain claims responsibility for the attack, but with suspicions rampant, armies and espionage teams mobilize across the globe and beyond. Enter Claire Haskell and Jason Marlowe, U.S. counterintelligence agents, and former lovers--though their memories may only be constructs implanted by their spymaster. Bound together by the enigma of their past, they can trust no one. For in a time of shifting loyalties, the enemy could be anyone—from a shadowy assassin on the dark side of moon, to a Euro data thief, to a fugitive making one last border run . . .

As the agents hunting Autumn Rain become the hunted, and the superpowers move to the brink of war, the lives of all involved will converge in one explosive finale—and a startling revelation that will rewrite everything they've ever known—about their mission, their world and themselves."

If you go to the Amazon page for the book, you'll see that there are a ton of really, really great blurbs from some pretty famous authors. The book rightly deserves it.

But even more important than looking at the Amazon page, hop on over to, which is one of the slickest and coolest author websites I've ever seen. It's well worth a peek, especially for the insightful commentary that Dave is offering on stuff that's happening in the present day.

Plus, the book just rocks. Go, pre-order, read. You'll want to, trust me.

(And for added amusement, here's what the illustrious Peter Watts has to say about Dave and his website: Peter's take)


Kristine Overbrook said...

Yikes. Impressive. My father and brother will go gaga.

Adaora A. said...

Wow that's pretty amazing. It's important for a debut author - not that I am one yet - to have such great reviews. It get's the ball going doesn't it?

Anonymous said...