Monday, February 11, 2008

Plans for the week

I'm in a blogging mood today, probably because it's Monday morning, and I'm avoiding the horrible fact that I'm due for a dental checkup today. Oh joy, driving to the dentist in frigid temperatures.

Anyway, in case any of you are interested in my plans for the week:
  1. Go through e-mail; I'm hovering around 252 ones that are in the "inbox", and need to be sorted/replied to.
  2. Send out one last submission for book #1. Send out a wide submission for book #2. Send out a very tiny submission for book #3, once I hear back from the author about a question I asked.
  3. Do some massive foreign rights stuff, which I have allocated to all be done at once for several clients.
  4. Get out revision letters for two more client novels.
  5. Lots of other stuff, but mostly continuing to work with GETTING THINGS DONE and emptying the giant in-basket of doom.
  6. My taxes--oh goody! =)


Ryan Field said...

Oy, I had a dental appointment this morning too. But she called and said she had a cold, and I thanked her many times and rescheduled. Now, that's a good dentist.

David said...

ryan, that doesn't really make the issue go away, though. :)