Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rage against the USPS

I won't rant here, or I'll try not to rant very much...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our dear United States Postal Service is raising stamp prices AGAIN. Can you tell that I'm not pleased by this?

Official price for new first class mail will be a 42 cent stamp.

If you're sending me a query between now and forever, put a forever stamp on it. I'm still putting on stamps to correct for SASEs that had incorrect postage from last year's rate hike, and frankly, it's an expensive thing. Forever stamp or correct 42 cent postage. Don't plan on me answering your query before May 12th. I will give some leeway and correct postage, if I need to.

Here's the official news release.


Don said...

Yikes, I just put a short story in the mail, although it should come back within the promised response time.

Apparently, the postal rates will be increasing every spring. Part of the congressional mandate that the post office pay for itself.

Rachel said...

You can also use the Breast Cancer stamps. Those have no denominations on them just like the Forever stamps, and can be used even if the price goes up. I'm still using a book I bought two years ago, and everything goes through just fine.

Ryan Field said...

Seems like just yesterday they raise the price, and now again.

But I didn't know about the Breast Cancer stamps. That's good info.

~~Olivia said...

Not trying to defend rate increases, but a large part of the postal system budget is vehicle fuel. Since fuel prices keep increasing, I'm not surprised that stamp prices (along with food, etc - everything that transports using fuel) are increasing.

Blame the greedy oil companies and oil sheiks.