Friday, February 22, 2008

Sockwars III

Ok, this is not a knitting blog, and I am fully aware of this. Yet I feel utterly compelled to share this link with you because it is like the coolest thing ever. Ok, if you don't knit, it's not the coolest thing ever. But seriously, it's a game of assassin played with socks. How neat is that?

Sockwars III

I'll also fully admit that I am a pathetically slow knitter, and I will most likely be killed within the first week by my assassin. But it looks like so much fun that I'm going to sign up for it anyway.

You see, when I read what this was all about, via an e-mail link, I let out a happy gasp. And Chris turned to me and was like, "What's wrong?" And then he realized that I had gasped out of happiness (yes, I like to knit, sue me), and proceeded to offer up suggestions about what I had read online that made me sound so happy.

"You've found a new piece of custom jewelry!"

"You've discovered a new exotic locale you want to go to!"

"It's a new puppy!"

Which finally culminated in him guessing that I had "Read about a puppy in Japan wearing a custom heart-shaped pendant!"

At which point I was finally able to regain my capability with words (temporarily lost to the splendor of Sockwars), and explain to him that I was going to buy more yarn and probably not get a pair of socks knit, but I was going to damn well try.

I have a very patient and understanding husband. There is a reason we have "yarn" as a category in our monthly budget. =)


Jodi Meadows said...

That is made of awesome.

Kaleb said...

Hi Jenny, you gotta read Astrid Bear's blog:

She's author Greg Bear's wife and she knits wonders.

Anonymous said...

You like custom jewelry on the web? One word: Pashupatina. No, I have nothing to do with the maker, but my sister bought me a necklace from her and I have never had more compliments on a piece of jewelry

Katharine said...

Oh fun! And if you're killed you come out of it with a pair of socks! Do you read the yarn harlot?
She's hysterical!

Anonymous said...

I'm in! This looks like so much fun. I'm not a fast knitter either, but I have to turn in a book to my editor by May 1st, and a sockwar might be just what I need to celebrate hitting the deadline.

Thanks for posting about it!

--Devon Monk