Jenny Rae Rappaport
Hello Nathan Bransford! You apparently read my blog! I've never met you in person. =)

9 Responses

  1. Scott Says:

    Y'know, I got a feelin' 'bout you two...

  2. La Gringa Says:

    Hi Lori - We ALL read your blog!

  3. Um, I'm not Lori. I'm very much Jenny. =)

  4. Ryan Field Says:

    This is a nice place to visit.

  5. La Gringa Says:

    OMG, sorry Jenny!

    I knew that. I have Boomer Brain.

    John Joseph Adams speaks very highly of you!

  6. Opps. I think I outed you, Nathan. Sowwy.

  7. PS - Nathan was NOT the agent that I mentioned in my post the other day!

    His rejection of my MS was swift, professional and, at the time, very well-deserved.

  8. Adaora A. Says:

    Everyone lurks in your blog Lori. It's pretty ace.