Monday, March 03, 2008

Dreams of an Agent

I don't often remember what I dream, but when I do remember, they're always doozies. (Really, ask my mother to tell you about me and the swiss cheese.)

And last night's dream was just so perfectly a blend of all the different worlds that I live in, that it needs to be shared with all of you.

You see, I dreamt that I was reading Neil Gaiman's blog, which is something I often do in real life. I've never met Neil, although I have spoken to him very, very briefly through e-mail and the occasional FAQ; I love his books and I would like to meet him one day, but that is beside the point.

So you see, in the dream, I was reading Neil Gaiman's blog. And on his blog, he was posting pictures of the most adorable pair of mint-green gloves that he was knitting for his daughter Maddy. They were beautiful gloves, hand-knit, in fact, since you could still see them in-progress on the double pointed needles he was using. I WANTED those gloves. I kept reading along in the dream, waiting to where he got to the point in his blog where he told me the pattern he was using to knit the gloves and more importantly, where to get the wonderful, beautiful mint-green yarn...

And then, Chris woke me up to eat breakfast in real life.

Imagine my devastation. I'm sure you've had that happen to you, where you're just about to find out the most interesting thing in the dream, and you wake up. Who killed the butler or where the hidden treasure is or what the damn pattern Neil Gaiman was using to knit those gloves with. =)

I tried, really I tried, to explain to Chris that he should let me go back to sleep, so I could figure out the end of the dream, but it was no use. He had the audacity, in fact, to laugh at my dream (imagine!), and then to break the news to me that, "Honey, Neil Gaiman doesn't knit."

So, dear blog readers, two questions of utmost importance:

1. What dreams have you had that cause the same sort of reaction in you? Tell me about them!


2. Does Neil Gaiman know how to knit? =)


Amie said...

>>To see or wear gloves in your dream, represents the way you handle things.

I don't totally take dream interpretation as word-for-word gospel but I do think it's our subconscious trying to get us to pay attention *g*

I know I've had a couple dreams like that but I don't remember them. Even now I haven't remembered been BUT I've been having a lot of borderline nightmares...very unusual for me.

shayla m. said...

I often remember my dreams, but there are dreams and then there are DREAMS. I'm such a self-analytical person that I often receive clear messages from my self-conscious illuminating my motivations and behavior in the waking world. My freshman year of college I had a dream that began as I woke up in a bedroom wearing a white nightgown and sleeping on a bed of soft, white linens. The bedroom was beautiful and as I reached over to turn off a lamp by the bed, I noticed that the french doors (!) were open and a breeze was coming through. I rose to close the french doors and found that my room overlooked an oceanside cliff. I went through the doors out onto the veranda and stared at the moon, which was huge and full and reflected on the ocean's surface. While watching the waves, I saw something glimmering in the water. It looked at first like a golden dolphin, but the closer it got, I saw that it was a merman. I ducked down in fear, peaking through the stonework of the veranda. I wanted to find the courage to go down to the shore, because the merman was playing and flipping in the waves and just having a good old time, but I was too scared. While I was crouched down trying to get myself together, I woke up.

I often wonder what a conversation with the merman would have been like if I could have been bold enough to go to him.

Cathy in AK said...

I don't know if Neil Gaiman can knit, but he sure can weave a story ; )

(sorry if you get this twice...blogger was being a bugger)

Richmond Writer said...

The mittens are for your hands, that write. The pattern is the plot of a novel and style of writing. You want to get the pattern from Neil so that you may replicate it (not plagiarize). Knitting is a creative act in particular if the knitted item is beautiful. I don't know if Maddy is his real daughter or if Maddy is someone in your life who represents what you would like to be, the prodigy of creative talent, and the person who he is bequeathing his knitted mittens (writing talent) to.

Without knowing you personally I can't figure out the color symbolism because you don't blog about colors. I would suggest you think of what has pleased you the most and is that color and finally consider what that item might symbolize. Something in your real life is mint green and very desirable. It may not be clothing.

Chumplet said...

I wouldn't be surprised if he knew how to knit.

Didn't Janet Reid blog a dance video that had a girl in it with a really neat pair of turquoise gloves? She really, really wanted those gloves.

My dreams are vivid. Sometimes they even have background music and rolling credits.

One of my WIPs is from a dream that started with a lot of gunplay.

Last night I had a quirky dream about a group of older men who were diehard hockey fans. I'm writing a short story about it now. It involves a canoe with the Montreal Canadiens logo on it. Don't ask.

Richmond Writer said...

Just figured out the mint green. The Franklin Mint, dollars are greenbacks. The color was symbolic of money.