Sunday, March 23, 2008

File under "Strange"

So Chris and I were driving home tonight along Rt. 9, which happens to be the main commercial artery in our area. It has tons and tons of stores and strip malls on it, as well as being the only damn road that has a bus that runs into New York City. This is all important background information.

Anyway, we were driving home from celebrating Easter with his family when we noticed that all the cars were pulling into the left lane. We followed suit. Up ahead, there were flashing lights and lots of smoke. We wondered to each other what had happened.

And then we got close enough to see.


Not a store, not a building, not anything you would think was flammable.

No, the glass and metal structure which serves as the bus stop had giant flames licking up one side. The glass and metal boxes which contain enclosed newspapers inside them, which stand next to the bus stop, were also on fire. There was a fire engine parked in front of it, although it didn't seem to be doing much of anything.

Now tell me how a glass and metal bus stop, sitting next to a highway, with no visible sign of any car accident near it... tell me how that catches on fire?

Because that was a pretty decent fire and it was hot enough that when we drove past it (one lane and a shoulder's distance from it), we could feel the heat in the car. It had to have been one of the most bizarre things I've seen in a good long while.

So, happy flaming Easter! How was everyone else's holiday?


Adaora A. said...

Obviously someone set one or the other on fire for kicks.

Down the road from my house my father and I observed - from inside the vehicle - that a car had driven over an island.

In other news; Once again I showed why I am the Queen B of cooking in my house. A perfect 4 layered meat
lasagna. I also invented the most fabulous salad. The ingredients I CANNOT reveal, or else I'd have to kill you. I made bunny and butterfly shaped cookies sprinked with pink/purple/and yellow sprinkles and candy miniscule eggs, stars etc.

I'm smugger then a newlywed!

P.S. I recieved cadbury creme eggs, and a full sized chocolate bunny too!

Jenny Rappaport said...

Yes, but a bus stop?

Why the hell would you set a bus stop on fire?

Sadie said...

That is a very strange thing indeed. I'm not sure I've ever heard of such a thing! HOW did they manage to set that on fire?!

Kristine Overbrook said...

Why do bozos vandalize? If it were arson, and not some strange car accident, the answer is most likely so someone could get their jollies that way.

It's a public area, something not normally on fire. Right beside the street their work would have a very large audience. Likely to get on the news. Then they get their fifteen minutes of fame without actually being in the spotlight.

Or, it could be someone dropped a burning cigarette into an adjacent trashcan and oops.

Ryan Field said...

If there was a trash can nearby maybe someone flicked a lit cigarette inside...or maybe someone just tossed a lit cigarette out the window and it ignited something close to the bus stop.

David said...

Gotta be aliens.

Or General Motors executives.

Ty Johnston said...

How does metal, glass and/or plastic burn?

I'd suspect gasoline or some other highly flammable material was sprayed or splashed.

Aimless Writer said...

My guess is teenagers and lighter fluid.
My last house backed up to a playground. Late one night some kids soaked string in lighter fluid, wrapped it around and around and in and out of the jungle gym then lit the end. It must have taken them hours to set this thing up.

If only they would use their powers for good.

Ing said...

That's bizarre. Reminds me of something I saw on Easter a couple of years ago.

My wife and I were putting the finishing touches on the kids' Easter baskets late at night, when I heard a car horn across the street. It kept going and I looked outside and saw flames shooting out of a car in the parking lot across the street. Seconds later it was totally engulfed. By the time the fire dept got there--which didn't take long at all--it was an acrid, stinking shell. It burned so hot that it totaled the two cars next to it.

Turns out it was arson--3 more cars were torched that same week in our area. Now to top it off, some a**hole set a house on fire a few weeks ago, came close to killing the occupants (but no one was seriously hurt)... And I can see the gutted ruin from my driveway.

Anyway... Definitely strange. And a bit scary.

I wonder if the arsonist(s?) afflicting the small town I live in started with things like bus shelters before moving up to big-ticket items.

A.C. Steinmetz said...
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Eugene said...

Was the burning bus shelter talking?