Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Pi Day!

And it's 3.14 to the infinite number...! =)

Also, my grandmother turns 96 today--about to call her and wish her a happy birthday.

If he was alive, it would be Einstein's birthday. (I want a novel about Einstein coming back from the dead.)

Finally, I'm buried under some work today, including resuscitating the printer with new ink cartridges, so I may not be as actively posting. Rest assured, I'm here and going through e-mail.

As a total side note, I woke up this morning and Yahoo had seemed to change their default e-mail webpage look. It's cleaner and I think I like it better, but it may take a bit to get adapted to the new changes. In fact, I'm actually not sure what all the new changes are. =)


Cathy in AK said...

Mmmmm....pi....oh, wait. Nevermind.

Happy Birthday to your grandmother!

David said...

Hmm. Einstein comes back from the dead and tries to make it as a rock singer, fronting a band called Dice with the Universe. They all have mig mops of frizzy hair. But they're not very good.

I have a feeling that something like this has been done.

Anonymous said...

Yes . . . I see the story now . . .

Einstein comes back as a zombie and has to search for the parts of his brain with the help of a beautiful, brave lab assistant. He recovers his brain, gets the girl, and retires to Palm Springs.

Hey, where's a pitch contest when I need one?