Sunday, March 09, 2008

Warm and fuzzy and taxes

I feel all warm and fuzzy because I've finally gotten my answer to whether Neil Gaiman knits. You wouldn't think it would be that important a question, but it was one of those that wouldn't stop bugging me--thankfully, I rescued the answer from my spam filter this evening. =)

In other news, we have been doing taxes. Like all day. Can I express my hatred for them?

Also, finally, LIT SOUP has a birthday coming up on April 24th. I suppose I'll have to give out some presents again, won't I? =) But that involves a contest, and contests are so much fun because I get to be pathologically evil.

So, did people like the sonnet one from last year? Would you kill me if I did poetry again? Or would you prefer something different?


Gina Black said...

So Jenny, I'm dying to know, and you're leaving me hanging like a dropped stitch. Does Neil Gaiman knit??

a knitter :)

Scott said...

Loved the sonnet contest. How about queries for Shakespeare plays?

(Disclosure: I did a Shakesperian query contest on my blog, but I don't have nearly your readership. The few entries were tons o' fun. I'd love to see what your readers come up with.)

Anonymous said...

So...does Neil Gaiman knit?

I'd love to see a first sentence or first paragraph contest. Just my two cents.


Jenny Rappaport said...

gina black, no he doesn't knit.