Saturday, March 22, 2008

A word to people querying

Every day or so, I've been establishing a new habit of briefly scanning through the names of people who have sent me e-queries, to see if I recognize any of them. Which is fine and dandy, except some people don't have their e-mail set to display their real name as the sender, so I get queries from things like FairyGoddess24 or SephiraWildling (totally made up names, btw). And that doesn't do you any good, because I look at the name and keep scanning. Chances are, you'll end up in my intern's inbox, before I look at your query.

So I was pleasantly surprised tonight, when I did the customary scan through my queries, and recognized someone's name. I thought it sounded familiar, and what do you know, it is! Smart woman, using her real name. =)

(Quick note: There are exceptions. If I like your title, I'll look at it. If I've seen material before and recognize your name, I'll look at it. And I do briefly glance at the top of each e-query, before I send it on to my intern, so if you're coming to me as a client/agent/editor recommendation, it would be wise to note this in the beginning of your e-mail.)


Anonymous said...

About how long do you usually take to respond to a query? Or should a writer--upon not hearing back within six weeks or more--intuit that as a rejection and move on?

Just curious, as it seems to be an ever growing practice for agents to ignore an e-query if they aren't interested.

I'm assuming it's just a drawback of email being cost-free. It seems that agents feel more obligated to respond if an SASE is involved.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Silly me posted the same comment twice because I failed to see the instructions that said it would be visible after blog owner approval. I thought I'd done something wrong while trying to enter the first one (I'm new to blogging). Sorry, Jenny! :-)