Saturday, March 22, 2008

Zoe update!

I've been terribly negligent about posting any Zoe updates, mostly because we haven't been really taking many pictures of her, and you know, she's having a good life as a cat. =)

Some random aspects of Zoe's life are interesting though.

Let's start with the grossest one.

My cat has been eating her own snot. Right around the time last week that my allergies kicked in again, Zoe started getting groggy more often. And she started her delightful habit of rubbing only her nose on the edge of paper or boxes, to scratch it. Except this year, she's been doing it while standing on a box to reach my desk (and file thing), and rubbing her nose on my tax forms. (No, not the ones we're actually sending in; these are photocopies.) So anyway, she rubs her nose on the tax forms.

Rub, rub, rub.

And then she licks the paper where she's been rubbing. Obviously, cat snot tastes good to cats.


So now she's currently drugged up on 12.5 mg of Benadryl, which you think would make her sleepy, but she's just currently interested in what's in the garbage bag on the floor (papers, mostly).

She's also been a lot more vocal lately, and we've been having conversations. She meows and I meow back. We can go on for quite awhile, and I'd like to think that I'm getting quite decent at Cat. But every now and then, I obviously meow wrong, because then she just gives me this look of "You said what? Excuse me!" One of my friends has requested that we try to capture the meowing conversations on video, so Chris will try at some point, but they pretty much just tend to happen at random.

Another thing we've decided recently about Zoe is that she is definitely a climber rather than a jumper. She's perfectly capable of jumping several feet in one go, either vertically or horizontally, but she does it very rarely. Instead, if she can climb up or down something, that's her preferred means of movement.

Which leads to fun games, like "climbing the fridge", whereby someone holds her and she pretends to scramble up the corner of the fridge to the top, while the human provides the upwards motion. And then she stands on top of the fridge, inspecting all her toys that have string on them, since that's where they're stored. And then she wants to get down, but insists on being lifted off the top of the fridge. She can jump down, but oh no, it's much better being carried down.

I can't decide if she's just scared of jumping or she just really doesn't like to do it. Whichever it is, she would much rather prefer to climb. =)


Impy said...

For the first year or so that we had him, our cat Morgan would always be "stuck" if we put him on top of any of our bookcases. He could get down by climbing down the back of any open shelves (usually resulting in books on the floor and on one hilarious occasion a cat stuck halfway down between the wall and the unit), but he just would NOT jump, even though it was a piddly distance for him and a couch was right there to land on. On top of the shelves eventually proved to be a handy place to "store" the cat when we needed to have a door open to the outside, but then of course he got over his reluctance fairly quickly.

karen wester newton said...

We have our beagle on Bendryl for his allergies, too. Now that he's been on it awhile, it doesn't seem to make him sleepy at all--although it's hard to tell because dogs sleep so much anyway.

Marva said...

Zoe is neither scared of jumping nor does she just not like it. She enjoys having 'bigs' at her beck and call. She's trained you well. Cats are like that.

Gotta love 'em.

Mary Paddock said...

Common feline human being conversation at the Paddock household:

Human: "Liberty/Zoe/Isaac/Delilah/
Echo/Diogenes: Get OFF the table/kitchen counter!"

Feline recipient of said command generally responds with a total lack of obedience, and a faintly insulted expression, accompanied by some variation of "What is your problem! YOU weren't using it."

A second command, same words as the first time only more ominous sounding, brings a heavy-footed landing, a swishing tail and measured exit. And I won't repeat the word I'm pretty sure they utter.

Our Zoe likes to nap on top of the china cabinet, but wants to be carried to her food in the morning.

Chumplet said...

Ridley is a fridge climber, too. We grab his hindquarters and he scrambles up to inspect his catnip. He hasn't got room to stay up there because there's only a three inch gap, but he likes to hang on with his paws and reach for the catnip.

He also plays fetch. I have some video on my blog.

The snot eating reminds me of the old song,
"Everybody's doin' it,
doin' it,
doin' it.

Pickin' their nose and chewin' it,
chewin' it,
chewin' it.

Rachel said...

At least Zoe doesn't eat poop...

Sadie said...

Sounds like she's not just a climber, but a very demanding cat. Wait, that's just normal cat, isn't it? *G* Glad to see the Zoe update...I always love hearing about her!

Chumplet said...

Instead of a naughty kitty, he's a snotty kitty!