Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Actually, one more thing

Someone e-mailed me for a status check on a query and said (roughly paraphrased), "I see from your blog that you are 100% green on your slush pile."

Where in the world did they get this from? I am so not 100% green on my slush pile, whatever the hell that phrase is supposed to mean.

Want to know how I can tell I'm not 100% green? (Other than not being a frog, I mean.)

I tripped over a pile of manuscripts this weekend and sprained my ankle. Life sucks sometimes.

There is still slush, it is still getting read, and I am not caught up. Return again in several months for my newest rant about this subject. =)


Marva said...

it could be the "green" reference is to your recent change to email submissions. That will certainly make it less likely to sprain an ankle on queries. You do still have to worry about going blind from reading on-screen, however.

Good luck!

Aimless Writer said...

I don't know what 100% green on your slush means. Green as in eco-friendly? Green as in martians?
Why would someone write something so obtuse?
Hey! Some of us appreciate you. Put some ice on that ankle and forget about the crazy people.
God loves crazy people-thats why he made so many of them.