Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Blog-->Book Game

So, let's play a game. It's called the blog to book game. This is precipitated by an e-mail someone sent me recently, saying that they thought my blog would make a great book.

While I'm genuinely flattered, I'm not sure how you would turn this blog into a marketable book. It doesn't have a hook; for example, I don't do LOLCats or write snark like "What White People Like" (which I think is a sorta dumb blog, btw). It's just me and my life, what I choose to tell of it on the internet. It was originally about agenting and soup, but in reality, it's about someone who works as an agent and happens to like writing about other aspects of her life as well.

But let's assume that you guys get to play the role of literary agent or acquiring editor. Let's assume that someone says, "LIT SOUP needs to be a book. Do it." How would you? What would be your marketing plan? What would be your hook?

Have at it. =)


Laura (Kramarsky) Curtis said...

Well, first you'd have to take down the blog...after all, who's going to buy the book when they can get the blog for free? (Do I sound like your mother? I know I sound like mine.)

But I have to say, I don't think Lit Soup would be a particularly good book. I love to read it, but what makes it interesting is its immediacy--"here's what is happening in publishing/my life RIGHT NOW and how those two things go together." A book would lose that.

Of course, maybe I just have an appalling lack of imagination, and there's a marketing plan guaranteed to sell half a million copies of the LIT SOUP book.

Julie Carter said...

A mystery series, with soup recipes, of course.

Wilfred the Author said...

Without looking back too far in the archives, I'd have to throw the recent title "File Under Strange" as a first sentence. It's as much of a hook as I can find in two minutes of research.

Of course as your agent, I'd insist that you embellish things a bit and then we'd market it as a Memoir. We could get you on Oprah and then leak out the fact that you embellished certain aspects of the blog and you'd be an instant hit.

Ryan Field said...

Being that this is a literary agent blog, it would only stand to reason that you'd want to promote it to writers and people in the publishing industry. There are a few excellent agent blogs (this one included)that would provide helpful information to the many people who don't read blogs.

Would this blog (or any agent blog) be a runaway best seller? Probably not. But would it be a great handbook for writers, like Noah Lukeman's THE FIRST FIVE PAGES? Yes.

Just_Me said...

Intrepid Agent who, blogs about her life, gets embroiled in a murder investigation when one of her favorite commentators leaves a desperate message and then vanishes. Intrepid Agent sets out on a whirlwind tour to save the day, sell the next Great American Novel, and find out what a burning bus stop has to do with her Great-Aunt Sophie....

:) I write fiction. Honestly I have no clue how you'd turn this blog into a book. I like Wilfred's idea of an opening line though.

"File under strange..." you could go a lot of places with that :)

Spencer said...

Stuff White People Like is divine.

And you could make it a combo memoir on agenting with advice on the publishing industry.