Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bread and bad moods

So I'm currently baking what can be known as The Bread That Ate Texas™. It rose a bit more than expected during its second rising, and technically I should have put it into two loaf pans, but I was lazy. So now it's really, really large, and is going to look strange, but taste delicious.

But that's not really the point of this entry, you know. =)

I don't often talk about my truly personal life on this blog. You don't get to know when I'm very angry or I'm depressed or I'm feeling like utter crap. Perhaps I'd do that if this wasn't peripherally associated with running a business, but I don't feel like sharing that information with people on a daily basis.

Today, however, I was just having a bad day. One of those days where nothing really goes wrong, but all the little annoying things add up, and you end up sitting there and walloping madly on yourself. Or at least, that's the way I work; everyone is different in their own ways. So by the time my husband came home today, I was in a rotten mood. And the following conversation occurred (edited slightly for dramatic impact--and yes, I know I sound whiny).

Me: I'm depressed. I hate my life. The world sucks.
Husband: But you have a cat! Look at how cute Zoe is!
(Husband attempts to get hold of Zoe and wave her in my face. Zoe resists capture.)
Me: Everything is wrong! And my blog, no one reads my blog anymore!
Husband: What do you mean no one reads your blog?
Me: Well two weeks ago, Feedburner showed that 511 people visited in one day! And today, not as many people visited.
Husband: Honey, that's pretty good for a niche blog. I mean, you target agents and editors and authors, and you talk about publishing a lot.
Me: I've barely talked about real publishing stuff in the last three months. It's become a peripheral subject to the blog.
Husband: Really?
Me: Yes, really.
Husband: I don't read your blog. I'm always afraid that you're telling them about [subject A] or [subject B] or [subject C].
Me: No, god, why would I tell those things to a public audience?!
Husband: Maybe I should read your blog. What do you write about?
Me: Just regular stuff. Whatever I feel like, a lot of the time.
Husband: Well that means they're coming to read your blog because they like your writing, silly. How many people does Feedburner say read your blog?
Me: Well, it says that on average, 300 unique people visit each day, and there are 105 subscriptions to the feed, including Livejournal.
Husband: You're being an idiot. That means you have 300 friends!
Me: You really think so?
Husband: Yes! And I'll read it too, so that will mean you have 301 friends!

Sometimes, I feel very loved by you guys. It just takes someone to point it out to me. =)

*waves to the 301 friends*


Kayleigh Jamison said...

Cheer up, hun. I had a truly awful day earlier this week, one of those crawl under the covers and pretend you don't exist days.

My mom always says, "this too shall pass."

And you know what? She's right.

Besides, I have your blog on my Google Reader and I read ya every day. :P I don't think that shows up on your feed, or does it? You've got more friends than you realize, I bet.

E.B.L. Gorton said...

I have been reading your blog via a feed on livejournal for a while now. I enjoy your posts. I look forward to reading your posts. Often very informative. And, well, I like your style. :)


{{huggles}} and just fyi I have noticed that today many people (myself included) are having a piling up day. it happens.

Anonymous said...

1/301 waves back.

Would snow cheer you up? All the Australian mountains are covered in it.

Jodi Meadows said...

Seems like the lurking guess-I'll-go-eat-mud is after a lot of people lately. Bleh.

We will overcome!

jmnlman said...

Considering you get the amount of traffic in one day I usually do in a week you're doing pretty good! :)

Ryan Field said...

I could be wrong, but I think the people you attract to your blog are more experienced and know a little more about the publishing industry. You take this blog to another level and the readers who come here appreciate it.

Scott said...

Waving back enthusiastically, with hands covered in bread dough.

I always mix all but the wettest doughs (such as English muffins) with my hands, the best tools in the whole kitchen.

That reminds me. My fam's been asking for my bagels. Today's Thursday. If I want bagels Saturday morning, today's the best day to start them.

I'd love to have 300 readers for my blog. Hell, I'd love to have 30. Sometimes I wonder if I have three.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Crap. I just sent chocolate to a bunch of people. Do I need to make a special trip just for you?

Seriously (or to continue to be; you choose), you've been silent on these here pages recently. I hope that's because you're really busy with clients and edits and deals, but unless you post, most of us who read you on feed don't see the need to come by.

So don't be upset by a slow day, especially if you don't post. Post a picture of Zoe and we'll be by to gush about how cute she is.

Jan said...

I read your blog every weekday except the day when I have to drive 200 miles round trip on business. This week that was yesterday, otherwise the number you quoted would've been 301.

BTW, you have a wonderful kitty! (Waves virtual kitty in your face hoping it will spur you on to post kitty pictures.) And it sounds like you've got a wonderful husband, also.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who works from a home office should be required to have at least one cat-waving husband around for moral support. Mine usually waves the Rottie at me because the cats are smarter than to get too close to him when I'm bumming. And because the cats have claws, I suppose.

Elissa M said...

Not being very tech-savy, I'm not sure what a "feed" is. I just go to the blogs I like every day and see if there's something new. So I guess my visits here count, even if I almost never post. I do wonder when you haven't posted in a while, because you've mentioned health issues, etc. before. I always hope you're just busy with work, finding a fantastic new author to promote and otherwise not having a "bad day". There are many of us out here in cyberland that notice your absences, miss you when you don't post, and are wishing you well.

A.C. Steinmetz said...

I'm a friend who never posts but has been reading your blog for almost a year ...maybe i should let you know i'm here listening to you...cheer up

MP said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile and I love it. Your blog was how I found my internship with Lori!

Hope you're in a better mood today.

And btw, your husband sounds like a sweetheart.

Julie Weathers said...

Hmmm, reps fantasy and bakes bread?!

You just moved up on the list and you were already fairly high.

I should send you my recipe for monkey bread.

Your husband is right, people come here because you have something interesting to say.

I haven't been visiting as many blogs because I'm on a tight deadline right now, but you are valued. However, you're one of my bookmarks.