Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday, LIT SOUP (the belated edition)

I had all sorts of grand plans for this birthday yesterday, including scanning in a picture of me at age two, to put on this post. But alas, due to Passover, babies needing to be circumcised, and my brother visiting from California, none of it got done. Oh, and the fact that my digestive system chose to malfunction, and I've been sick as a dog for the last day and a half.

More detail than you needed, I'm sure. =)

But anyway, I wanted to thank all the loyal readers of the blog. The fact that you keep coming here will always continue to amaze me; I track how many people visit each day and it's pretty consistent. If anything, it's grown in the last few months, when I've had even fewer actual "agenting content" than ever. So I'm left to assume that you either like listening to me babble, or you're waiting for some golden nugget of knowledge to drop from my lips. Whichever it is, thanks for stopping by! =)

I also wanted to thank everyone who entered in the first paragraph contest! I'll be reading them this weekend, along with the help of my minion judges, and we'll be deciding on the top three. We got a round twenty-five entries this year, which I'm pretty sure is less than last year's sonnet entries. Either it was a more difficult contest, or the allure of last year's "skip the query pile" was a greater incentive. (Note to last year's winner: I still have your book! Gomen!) Perhaps we'll go back to poetry next year?

I've said it many times before, but having a blog is a wild ride. Working from home can be an isolating experience, and knowing that I have LIT SOUP and its readers to turn to--it's one of the most liberating things ever. I firmly believe that you can make lifelong friendships through the internet, with due caution, and I'd like to think that this blog is doing its small part in bringing the regular commenters and readers together. So thank you for coming; thank you for stopping by; and thank you for reading.

Zoe sends her birthday wishes, and conveys the message that she'll let you hug her--virtually, that is. =)


Ryan Field said...

Thank you for writing the blog and sharing so much.

One of the reasons I like Lit Soup is because of the personal "stuff". Between writing jobs during the day, reading this blog is sometimes like taking a coffee break. It's a place to learn, too.

Happy Birthday, Lit Soup!!

Anonymous said...

Happy two to you, Happy two to you.

I read your blog almost eveyday and I think it's great that you present a well rounded picture. It let us see that there is a person out there.

Thank you for the many informative posts, the help you've given us, and the smiles that brighten our day.

Aimless Writer said...

Happy Happy Birthday, LIT SOUP!
If I could give you a present it would be filled with positive energy and wishes for a wonderful and long life!
God Speed.

emeraldcite said...

I know I missed the contest deadline (I was at work), but I had a great paragraph to add. If I could, I'm going to toss it up here. Not that I'm in the contest, but mostly because I had a good time writing it and didn't want it to go to waste.

Feel free to delete this comment if you feel it's not appropriate to put here...Thanks!

The nun adjusted her wimple against the brisk November wind. The snow had a wet quality that just made Sister Maria want to shrink inside the convent’s vestibule and hide from the rest of the afternoon. But she couldn’t. She had a serious job to do and so much depended upon the completion of her task. Father McCartney, a man she admired for his whit as much as his wisdom, trusted her and her alone with this information. What she hid beneath her thick cloak could stay the impending implosion of everything she stood for. Another gust of wind splashed against her cheek and she could feel that raw redness appearing there. She didn’t really care for the cold so she drew the heavy coat more snugly around her lenticular figure. She was always a bit thick around the middle, like her mother, and she did little to hide her form. But, there was no use. With the forbidding habit, she rarely stole a male glance her way, not that she would have minded it much. She crossed herself for the kerfuffle of a thought and sped up her pace. To any passerby she would appear to be flabbergasted, but in reality, the downturned lips that Sister Maria felt creasing her face read well her concern. The metal tube that she hugged close to her body pierced with the cold fierceness of a spear in her side. Or, perhaps, that was the feeling of being followed.

Sadie said...

Congrats on two years!! It's been on my list of daily reads for just over a year!! Thanks so much for your 'golden nuggets' of knowledge, and for everything else you post. It makes it that much more interesting to read!

kiwi said...

Ryan's right, I think. It's the personal/human stuff that keeps your present readership coming back. Often--and understandably so--most agents keep it professional. I guess different folks different strokes.

Congrat. on making your second birthday, Lit Soup. (Gods, I remember when you were still with Folio!)

Just a note: I read James' 13th Reality the other day ... the man has talent. Folks, if you haven't purchased and read this book yet, get over to Amazon or a good book store near you.

kiwi said...

... oh .. oh .. oh, I had an absolute ball readig the 'first paragraphs'. It's a shame we can't vote.

Hats off to all those that participated.

Jill said...

Happy Blog Birthday! Does Hallmark have a card for that yet?

Although I rarely comment (mostly because I misplaced the password to my original Blogger ID, doh!), I'm a regular lurker here. Thank you for the insight you share on agenting and the publishing industry.

Oh, and *hugs* to Zoe -- I'm owned by a black cat, too.

Brittany said...

Congrats! I am a new lurker to your blog, and I thoroughly enjoy it daily!

Here's to another two!

Julie Weathers said...

Jenny, congratulations on your second year. I enjoy the agent blogs immensely, the nice ones anyway. Yours is a keeper.

I wish you much continued success and happiness in the coming year.


Anonymous said...

Daijoubu desu yo, Jenny! Take your time.

~ Last Year's Winner ;)