Wednesday, April 02, 2008

How blogs bring us together

And following up on that last post, I'm writing this one because I just read something terrible on my LJ friends page.

Basically, I friend people on Livejournal who I find interesting, whose writing I like and that I enjoy reading snippets of every day. One woman, who I found entirely by link-browsing, had a very ill cat. I have never met this woman. I have never met this cat. But over the last year or so, I've come to follow along with her cat's health problems, as she blogged about them.

And this was a very brave cat, one that put up with much medical treatment, and towards the end, was clearly dying.

And I've just read the post she's written about he's just passed away in his sleep.

I would never have known about her or her cat or how fascinatingly brave he was, without the internet and blogs and Livejournal.

So while I'm terribly sad that he's died and I'm a wee bit teary, I'm also very glad that I got to know their stories.

I'm off to hug Zoe now.


Marva said...

I lost my beloved Cornelius in November to a fast-growing cancer. In a way, I'm glad it was a short period for him to suffer rather than a year or more. Damn! I tear up still.

We do grow fond of our kitties. A friend said she got a refrigerator magnet that said "Anybody who doesn't like cats was a mouse in a past life."

Cornie has a role in my latest book. People have said that it's an odd scene and I should cut it. No way. Cornelius stays in the book.

Michelle said...

Let me just say I am enjoying your Blog. I tell my husband all the time that reading other peoples blogs is much, much superior to watching entertainment tonight, I don't really care if Paris is in or out of jail, but like you, I get teary if someone's cat dies.

LeeAnn said...

I have four cats and a ten year old daughter who thinks she's a cat. Our oldest cat, a middle-aged cat named Mielikki, is a 20 pound black panther (I kid you not). I know that chances are we'll have several more wonderful years with him, but I tear up just thinking about our life without him.

beth said...

It amazes me how the blog community continues to grow. Originally, I only read Ms. Snark, but from there I've found a wealth of information...and more, a community of individuals whose opinions I value and whose lives I feel connected with, at least to some extent.

The power of words continues to morph and change!

Kristine Overbrook said...

I didn't read blogs regularly until I found yours. The ones I happened upon seemed too rantish or obscenely political.

The first posting I read was the one where your washer broke and gushed through your ceiling. God bless you. All I could think was here's someone just like me. :)

Sense then, I've found other blogs and I get to feel like I know the writers. You can lurk or post, but either way you become involved in the lives of others.

Anonymous said...

We lost our Hunter Cat years ago to a fast-moving gut cancer. He was a sweet and graceful cat during the 13 years we had him; he raised our son and they were very close, to the point where Hunter would plop himself down in the midst of a 9 year old birthday party and let himself get petted and admired because it involved his boy.

Now we have bunnies (due to allergies). Our old man has just turned 8, and is clearly a senior citizen. He's suffered from a series of embolisms or strokes, and there's not a lot you can do (and I'm reluctant to put the old man through that much trauma). But these days, he still gets excited about his food, and is social with the onset of spring. The younger bun is thrilled at the warmer weather, especially since he can go out and dig in the grass.

It took me a while to get into the blogoverse, but now that I'm in it, I'm enjoying it.

Jenny Rappaport said...

Joycemocha, when I was a child, we had gerbils, and one of them suffered a stroke too!

We took him (Henry the gerbil) to the vet, who diagnosed it. I have no idea where my mom found a vet to see gerbils then. But anyway, the point was that my mother LOVED this gerbil. He was her baby. And so for the last few weeks of his life she would help him eat and drink, and to the day he died, she gave him drops of water off the tip of a lettuce leaf.

Animals, no matter how small they are, are good to love.

Ryan Field said...

I've been interviewing bloggers for a large web site for three years, and it really is amazing how people from all over the world have come together.

Mary Paddock said...

Blogging is therapeutic on multiple levels, both for the person who's writing and the person who reads to connect.

Our kitties are all in pretty good health right now. Thank goodness cats age slowly. Our oldest feline, Delilah, a tortie, is thirteen and is still up at dawn playing kitty soccer with whatever small toy or rolled socks she can find. She frequently stops in the middle of play to call to imaginary kittens to come see what she's brought them.

But two of my dogs have decided to grow old overnight and this brings new and frightening words to my vocabulary, with Discoid Lupus and Degenerative Myelopathy being the most recent possibilities presented by the vet. I've asked both dogs why they couldn't get uncomplicated, easy to pronounce diseases like arthritis, but they just licked the air around my ducking and bobbing head and wagged their tails.