Tuesday, April 08, 2008

LIT SOUP's birthday contest, Year #2

It occurred to me tonight that we're coming up close on the second birthday of LIT SOUP as a blog, which is April 24th. This time last year, I posted the rules for a sonnet contest, which I got a total kick out of--sonnets about soup, they were. =)

This year, I'm going to be slightly less evil, largely because my mother has convinced me that I should give people a break from poetry for a year. I had such wonderful ideas to make you all write sestinas or villanelles. Alas, another year, another blog birthday.

The contest for this year is as follows:

I will give you a list of random words that have caught my fancy over the past few months, and you will have to write the first paragraph of a novel, using the given words in that paragraph. Some brief exception will be made for dialogue, as technically each line is a separate paragraph. Just keep the dialogue brief.

On April 24, 2008, I will open a thread for the first paragraphs. You will have approximately 24 hours to comment on that thread with your first paragraph, and then I will close it to all entries. Then I and my minion judges will pick the top three paragraphs and award prizes.

The exact order of the prizes is yet to be determined, but I believe that I will be giving away free copies of books from my authors. I'll know which ones I have available, a wee bit closer to the contest date.

And now, the random words. [Clarification: You must use all five words in your paragraph!]


Remember, the first paragraph thread won't be open until April 24th. But here you all go, so you can get a head start on writing. =)

[ETA: Spelling of "kerfuffle" was corrected; thanks Kaz.]


Kaz Augustin said...

Er, the correct spelling is "kerfuffle" not "kerfluffle".

(Origin Scottish curfuffle, meaning disorder, agitation.)

Anonymous said...

Clarification: Do we have to use all of the words, or just some of them?

Ryan Field said...

I can't believe another year has gone by so fast!!

Just_Me said...

I love you because you made me use a dictionary, that rarely happens.

I'm off to compose a paragraph worthy of your attention....


Julie Carter said...

Oh dear. I think I would have done better with a sonnet with those words.

Lee said...

Those are your five words? I think I'll take "Sonnets" for $1000, Alex.

Anonymous said...

I like that idea. Love the word "kerfuffle" :)