Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Things that make me happy

  1. New contacts.
  2. Failing my visual field test with the new contacts because really, blind as a bat here, did anyone think I'd actually pass? =)
  3. Dinner with my family.
  4. Green grapes for dessert.
  5. Coming home to a cat who loves me and gives me little cat kisses full of cat snot.

(And it's thundering now, so off the computer I go.)


Ryan Field said...

I get poodle kisses and poodle snot.

beth said...

Things I Hate: Contacts! Ew, touching eyeballs!

Things I love: Lab-snot filled kisses :)

Sarah said...

Through no effort of my own, my pets have very healthy sinuses. No cat/dog snot for me. :)

Eversole said...

Mothers, fathers, cats, dogs, children that live forever. Provided I don't have to.