Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Belated Release Day!

So I'm one day late to the party, but better late than never! =)

I'm very proud and pleased to announce that THE MIRRORED HEAVENS by David J. Williams is finally live and in bookstores! It is truly a kick-ass book, and I am so incredibly proud of Dave for having written it. Dave, for those of you not privileged to know him, is one of the most intelligent and interesting people I know--I consider it an honor to have him as my client. And people, he's going to be big, so get in while the going is good. You can say that *you* read him first.

To whet your appetite for the book, here's the review of it from the May 15th issue of Library Journal:

Williams, David J. The Mirrored Heavens. Spectra: Bantam. May 2008. c.409p. ISBN 978-0-553-38541-0. pap. $12. SF

In the 22nd century, Earth enjoys a tentative peace thanks to a treaty between the United States and the Eurasian Coalition. The hallmark of this new world is the Phoenix Space Elevator, enabling quicker transport from Earth to near-Earth orbit. When saboteurs destroy the Elevator, the authorities activate their top counterintelligence agents, Claire Haskell and Jason Marlowe, to unravel the mystery of who has broken the peace. Williams's first novel delivers a powerful, rapid-fire sf adventure/intrigue story with echoes of cyberpunk. This stellar hard sf debut with hopes of sequels belongs in most sf collections.

And here's a picture of the book "live and in the wild", courtesy of a Borders in the DC area. Go forth and read! I'm eagerly waiting for Dave to e-mail me the manuscript for the sequel!


Kristin Laughtin said...

Sounds awesome! I will definitely put it on my list of books for the next time I go to the store.

Morgan Dempsey said...

Not to sound creepy-stalker but... is that the Borders in Santana Row?

If it's not then man, they're getting more and more uniform by the day :)