Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Inside the Mailbag, Installment #5

I've decided to name these installments, instead of weeks, because if they're weeks they defy the known laws of physics...

Anyway, I'm up waiting for my bookcases to be delivered from Ikea in seven packages of fiberboard goodness!

And I'm forwarding queries on to my intern, so he can go through them. And I came across one of them that merited an entry all its own.

  1. To properly explain this query, I must tell you all the story of SIR NAGA SOLVES A MYSTERY. That was a novel query letter that I got the opportunity to read, when I was an intern at Creative Media Agency, almost three years ago. Now, Sir Naga, you see, was the protagonist's penis. And he solved mysteries by sleeping with all the suspects, who coincidentally were all women. Oh, and this is the kicker: the novel was narrated from Sir Naga's point of view. That's pretty much been my baseline for "weird, very weird". But I'm forwarding queries now to my intern, and I come across yet another mystery novel. Which doesn't rate quite as badly on the weirdness factor because you see, the protagonist is merely an insect detective, and it's title is merely a terrible pun on a famous mystery novel (falcons, anyone?). I'll leave the rest to your imagination because I don't want to reveal more details, for fear of singling out the author of the book. But never fear, it's getting passed on to my intern, along with a note to use his best judgment.


Just_Me said...

Oh, poor you. Really? Someone had their.... no. Really? No.


And I thought you guys were joking when you said you got weird things in the mail.

Here, read some Jane Austen and make your world a better place.

Natalie said...

Wow, now that's...different.

Katherine said...

That is pretty funny, because there's already at least one insect detective book out there. It's a Sherlock Holmes pastiche starring "Inspector Mantis" and "Doctor Hopper" called "Trouble in Bugland." I guess there really is nothing new under the sun...