Saturday, May 03, 2008

Odds and ends

So that people know I'm alive... =)

  1. I popped over to the Asimov's message board tonight, on the recommendation of one of my clients who wanted me to see something there. I read the relevant thread, and then I couldn't help clicking on one that was titled something along the lines of "Confession: I Hate Agents". Glad you hate us, griping people. I stopped reading when the dates on the posts were still January 4, 2008 because there was so much hatred and spewing vitriol that I couldn't take it.
  2. Today was one of those days that was all about me. I'm allowed to take one of them, every now and then, and I indulged. Got prettified, basically. Nails, etc. With good justification because I'm going to a fancy wedding tomorrow. And my nails are bright red. They make me happy. =)
  3. No winner for the birthday contest yet. I'm still debating about which entries get which places. I have it narrowed down to about five.
  4. I need to answer a bunch of e-mails; taking the day off makes me slower than usual.
  5. I'm still trudging through the slush. It's slowly going down in size.
  6. Tonight, I watched my ten pound cat manage to fit herself in the bottom shelf of a stacking file folder thing on my desk. Then, she slithered through it and onto the phone. It boggles the mind how she fit at all.
  7. Next week, I get to dogsit for Gully, beloved canine of John Joseph Adams. He and Zoe tolerate each other, although when John left after Gully's trial visit on Sunday, she was still softly hissing at him. And poor Gully just sat there with a big goofy dog grin on his face, trying to convey, "Can we be friends?!" I promise to take lots of pictures of the two of them, especially as Gully will be with us for a week and a half. Chris and I have vague hopes that the two of them will eventually socialize with each other.
  8. And eight things make a post tonight. I'm going to get some ice cream and drag the husband off to watch tonight's episode of Battlestar Galactica.


Amie Stuart said...

BSG ROCKED!!! Except I'm tired of
Gaius....really. The whole him as a Messiah thing isn't working for me.

Anonymous said...

You might want to take a look at that thread on Asimov's again. At the beginning, the posts are pretty harsh, but eventually, a few people with half a brain start to chime in. One of them even has subsequently done an interview with Lucienne Diver of Spectrum and posted the link there in the thread. And oddly (or perhaps not so oddly) enough, the really adamant agent hater stops commenting when his claims start being challenged.

Anonymous said...

Ha. Ten-pound cat? Please.
I've got a ten-KILO cat.

Jill said...

Ooh. I can sympathize with you on point #1, as that kind of public spewing can go both ways. (I wish I could clarify without making myself as guilty as the person about whom I'd be ranting, heh.)

Point #6: My cat, who is about twice the size of your cat, likes to cram himself under a cabinet that offers less than three inches of clearance. He tells me it's "a cat thing," and I wouldn't understand.

Sadie said...

I'm glad you got a "you" day. They are very important! I get one next week. All kids and hubby are being watched or going out, so I get my own time out with a good friend. We all need to 'recharge' like that some days!!

Even though I'm not an agent I avoice the agent-hate posts anywhere I go. I think it's uncouth to go on a flame war like that. Sorry you found, and read, all of that. I don't even hate those that have rejected me :)

And cats are amazing creatures with how they pull those tricks off, aren't they? I'm always amazed at what they manage!