Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Off to BEA

I'm off to BEA tomorrow afternoon, where I shall be hiding away in the boonies, past the forest, and over the river to to my secret (and free!) accommodations. Yes, I have to ride the train back and forth from the convention center, but it saves so much money, it's not even funny.

So I'm packed, but still running around, and missing a couple of essential items, like, shampoo. That would be a useful thing to bring with me, except all the stores that sell it are closed right now, so I'm going to have to wait until the mall opens tomorrow and then dash out to buy some. Oh joy.

Expect sparse blog posts for the next few days, as I'll be in transit A LOT. And to anyone who will be at the convention itself, I'll see you there!


Anonymous said...

I'm going too! I'm going to the Writers conference and then to the BEA also. I haven't written anything I a just a nerd :]

Julie Weathers said...

Have a good time. Use the train time to relax.

Anonymous said...

I'm going too! But I'm on a different side of the business and will be in meetings the whole time. I've never even had a chance to line up for a signed book or anything. I always wondered what it's like for agents attending. I hope you'll post about it. Do you get ambushed by writers wanting to pitch things? Is BEA where you would pitch the things you're representing to publishers?