Monday, May 12, 2008

Status update

I've discovered that I'm terribly attached to my poor desktop, especially since I can't use it at the moment. =(

(On the husband's computer; he'll soon be home and kicking me off of it. Yay computer, boo, no files, therefore, little work gets done. Yes, I admit it; I don't backup enough.)

Basically, I'm looking at a corrupt install of Windows XP. I've spent a good five hours today trying to fix the computer. Now Chris is home and we're going to physically remove my hard drive, backup my, oh, 200 gb of files, and then attempt to resuscitate it with a repair install of XP. If that fails, then I need to do a clean install, which will suck.

Bear with me. This is not a good day on the technology front.

(I'm thankful I haven't lost power yet. My mom has been having hers go on and off all day.)


Marva said...

Why do we all forget backups until we lose a whole lot of stuff? It's better (I'm evil) when a friend loses a bunch of stuff, and it reminds me to back up my own.

My problem lately is with my monitor. It likes to sleep in and not come alive until 11 or so. I'm SO happy I have a laptop so I can still do stuff. However, that squinchy little screen is giving me a headache. 3-5 days for delivery of a new (refurb) Dell 20" monitor. I can hardly wait.

After all, I must make progress on Book 2, even though Book 1 doesn't seem to attract any interest. I'm glad I'm not writing for a living anymore.

Have you questioned your cat under hot lights? They do tend to be vindictive. How dare you bring a dog into the household?

Anonymous said...

Oh ouch, sorry to hear about your computer woes. :( Hope you can get back up and running soon!

Also, massive sympathies about being lame about the backups. I'm quite lame about that myself.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Holler if you need anything. This is where the Tour Manager shines (unless you want to talk about getting a new hard drive, and then he's even better).

Since you nuked your contact info, if you need us/him, follow the link in my name back to me!

haunted author said...

I hope you can get your computer running son- such a bummer. Mine completely crashed just before Christmas-so glad I had every thing backed up.

Today was beautiful but yesterday? Wow, I thought we were going to be blown away. Didn't lose power, but did have lots of branches down. Tow tornados touched down, but fortunantly no injuries here (Kentucky)

Good luck with the pets. I've had my cat for eleven years- my dog for five- and the cat still treats the dog as an intruder. She (the cat) dosn't hiss so much as she just gets this "eewww dog" look on her face when the dog comes into the room.

Just found your blog. I like it lots!

Anthony Tardiff said...

Sounds like you need a mac.

Yes! I am a rabid Apple evangelist!

Just kidding. But my beat up, nearly-five-year-old mac laptop is still humming along . . .

Anonymous said...

Hi. I've been trying to keep up with the blog, and I'm curious how the birthday contest went? Do you know when the winners will be chosen?

Kristine Overbrook said...

Yikes, I hope it goes smoothly.

A few months back my registry became corrupted and I had to slick and reload.

Through thankful coincidence I backed up a few weeks before so I hadn't lost too much.

Pete said...

*Luddite mode on*

My pen never tells me that it's suddenly corrupted and that the last four hundred words I've written are suddenly small pictures of Penguins instead of words. Long live pen and paper.

*luddite mode off*