Monday, May 19, 2008


Expect more blog postage to come shortly. I'm awake, my healing burn is currently not being annoying and itching badly enough that I want to gnaw my left wrist off, and I have a semi-operational computer again! =)

Turns out the hard drive was overheating, shooting up to 51 degrees Celsius, which is um, really bad for hard drives. Not the RAM at all, which I guess is a good thing because I like my 2GB of RAM. They're pretty. =)

So now I have a clean windows xp install on my secondary drive (only 40 gb, the horror of it being so small!), have removed and backed up almost all my files that I could possibly want, and the hard drive will be traveling back to Seagate. I'm told to expect it to have a vacation of several weeks there, before a new one is sent to me. Joy. But at least I've got an operational computer, I get to install Microsoft Office in a bit, and I can start getting more work done again. Let the rejoicing begin.

A couple of questions that it's easier to answer here than in the comments.

Several people wanted to know my status on e-queries; as of now, as I've stated before, most of my e-queries go to my intern to read. If you haven't gotten a response yet, keep on waiting, as he's a graduate student with a family (not Spencer, different person), and he's been doing a great job for me so far. As concerns the snail mail queries and partials, I have a box, about 12"x18"x9", which is full of queries. Every available piece of space in that box is full of queries. I am slowly going through them on my own, as I don't have an intern that comes into the office. Snail mail partials-wise, I'm about halfway through my backlog. If you haven't heard back yet, don't worry, a response will be forthcoming. Once again, I'm reading these all on my own.

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