Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blogger Help

I've tried to muddle through the help pages on Blogger and I'm getting nowhere with this.

What I want to do: Display the last five or so recent comments in the left sidebar of this blog. Preferrably with post name... an example would be...

"Jenny Rappaport on Question Time!"
(and then, if you clicked on it, it would take you to that comment.)

I'm not using the classic Blogger template, which is the only thing that Blogger help has instructions for. I'm using Layouts. I can add it as a page element into my sidebar, but I don't know what the third-party code/html would need to be.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated! =)


Don said...

I've done this at http://la-stories.blogspot.com

What you do is set it up as an RSS feed. You won't get post titles, but you will at least get the first few lines of the comment.

For the feed URL, it will be

Joe Iriarte said...

Any and all help is greatly appreciated! =)

I don't know anything about html code for blogger, so I will sacrifice a live chicken on your behalf instead. Hope it helps!



Hey! You stole my layout! Forget about it--I'm keeping my chicken for myself! >:O

Maura Anderson said...

Here's a widget that does what you want, I believe.


- Maura

Jenny Rappaport said...

Maura, I tried the widget you linked to, but while it works, it slows up page load time tremendously. There has to be a better hack solution using JSON...

Just_Me said...

Blogspot offers a widget, I think it's called a blog roll? I have it on my blog and haven't run into any problem with the upload.

georgiam said...

Here's a link that might be of help:


If it isn't, then I've found another one that might be so give us an update.

Maura Anderson said...

Hmmm - I'll look around some more, Jenny.

Georgia - I saw that one but it's a list of comments, not a list of posts.

Hmm - *flexes Google-Fu*

Maura Anderson said...

Here's another variant:


And if you aren't opposed to some more depth and JSON:


- Maura

georgiam said...

Ok, here's another link:


georgiam said...

Ok, no JSON and complicated stuff, here's what I found:



It has some simple html code to add to the template, but I haven't tried it to see if it works.

Hope this helps.

clindsay said...

Hi Jenny -

I use a widget on my blog to display comments and it works well with Blogger. You can see how it looks if you click here and go along the sidebar on the right.

Super easy to install as well. The website to get the widget is called ('natch) Blogger Plug-Ins. And it's free.