Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Cracks Begin To Show

Given that my life seems to revolve around the economy lately, I found this fascinating. In a very creepy little way. Not that we work for Google, but just in terms of how the company operates.

Google, dear Google, what have you done?

You're going to get as bad a reputation as Microsoft, among CS majors. Tsk, tsk.

(I speak from experience. Going to work for Microsoft, if you are a CS major at Carnegie Mellon University, is like going to work for the man.)


K.B. said...

Eep! The cost per child for daycare is bigger than my annual salary? Sheesh, what do they do with these kids? When did story time, play time, fingerpaint time, nap time, and sand table time become insufficient to the point of neglectful?

Elissa M said...

Um. Not to side with Google, but how the hell does one justify such extravagant day care? There are thousands of folks struggling to raise entire families on less than this. Surely there are other, less expensive day care centers where these parents can send their children. Or am I missing the point of the argument?

Jenny Rappaport said...

I don't think it's so much siding with Google as the fact that they're screwing their employees over in the first place, by charging so much for day care. And the fact that they're generally viewed in the tech world as a "caring" company, willing to give nice perks to employees.

So by taking a stand on an essential issue of workplace life like day care, and then basically seeming like they don't care about it--it makes them seem really callous, not to mention out to get their employees' paychecks.

Show me the secretary at Google that can afford that type of daycare for her daughter. Or what about the guy who works in the mailroom?