Friday, July 25, 2008


Randy Pausch has died.

I knew it was going to happen, sooner or later, but it's still depressing.


TerriRainer said...

You always hold out hope that the impossible will happen and someone like that will be the recipient of a miracle. Very sad indeed.

:) Terri

Ryan Field said...

Sad. And the second one, his age, I've heard this week.

dan said...

I am in Taiwan, writing here. danny bloom, Tufts 1971.
RIP, Dr P. A great man!

One thing i am curious about since you are in the biz, is exactly how did the book come about? i mean, was Jeffrey Zaslow a friend of Dr P and why was he at the lecture, or was he at the first lecture or not? how did he get the info then to write the column in the WSJ? Did someone at Carnegie Mellon call him, JZ, and suggest a story idea? And was David Black the agent a friend of Jeffrey and did they think BOOK right away?

I ask just because i am curious how a lecture was written up almost immediately by a newspaper columnist in another city, and how the column got read by an agent, D Black, and how he contact Jeffery and said BOOK! I cannot find any info on this and I just wonder, what was the actual real genesis of this book? Do you know? can you shed any light on the backroom deals that were made and HOW they were made?

that said, he was a great man, it was a great book, and god bless Dr P