Saturday, July 05, 2008

Data point

Just as a data point, for those who are waiting for an e-mail reply: I have about 550 of them to go through right now.

I was sick with bacterial gastroenteritis from May 27th-June 18th (that being the last day I took an antibiotic for it). During that period, I literally got no work done at all. I was hospitalized for part of it, and my grandmother also passed away while I was in the hospital.

Then, from June 19th-20th, I dragged my still-recovering body up to New Hampshire to teach at Odyssey. (Great fun, but EXHAUSTING.)

Then, I came home. I was home for four days, and on June 25th, I left for a long-scheduled vacation. Now you may ask, why would you go on vacation after missing three weeks of work???

For a number of reasons, but largely because by that point I *needed* a vacation. It was a month of hell, leading up to it. Not to mention that I had already paid for it.

But now, I am home, and I will be working on answering all the e-mails and dealing with the backlog, starting Monday. Thank you for bearing with me--it's a strange feeling being ill that long--I'm literally just missing three or four weeks of my life. I couldn't tell you what I did during those weeks, except for being terribly sick.

Thanks for all your patience. =)


Sabrina said...

This is rather belated, but I'm glad you're feeling better after being so sick for so long and I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. My condolences.

I do hope that you had a fun vacation, though, and a happy 4th of July. Good luck with all the emails.

Amie Stuart said...

(((JEnny))) I know it can be a real pisser being sick that long--last fall i was sick for two months and it seems to take at least as long as you were sick to catch up on stuff!

Catherine Avril Morris said...

Oh, no. I'm sorry to hear about both your illness and your grandmother's passing. What terrible things to happen separately, much less at the same time.