Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More words, brain danger

So today I actually wrote words on my novel.

2307 of them, to be precise.

Which I won't post any snippets of online because I can't (and I think I'm writing things in slightly the wrong order, but I will persevere.) The snippet from yesterday is from the first draft of a science fiction story, which is something I can share with you guys.

But right now, I think my brain may explode. =)

(Oh and I have to say, I love my mom who called me up this morning and said, "You had time to write a blog post yesterday, and not call me?!" You gotta love her. =)


Ryan Field said...

2307 is a great day!! Good for you. And isn't that brain explode feeling wonderful in a weird way?

Chumplet said...

Your mom and my dad. I tell him stuff and he says, "I read it on your blog."

The way things have been going lately, a coupla thousand words is a major accomplishment.

Just_Me said...

Good job on writing!

It's always good to get something down on the page. :o)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Haha...I understand this completely. My friends notice that I go into hibernation though cannot even manage to text them back.