Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Note to queries

Please do not send me a query again that you have not gotten an answer to already. I read all of these. I've seen several people that have RE-SENT their queries (some of them sent originally sent only two weeks ago!) to me, so they can get the personalized rejections. Please don't do this. If your query has come in sometime in the month I've been sick, you're already sitting in my regular intern's slush pile. Please don't make extra work for him, having to reject things that have already been rejected.


Chris Marshall said...

Hi Mrs. Rappaport,

I am still waiting to hear back about a partial that I sent you last fall. I know you haven't been at 100% and I'm worried I forgot the SASE or something braindead like that. Would it be okay to send a query to your intern since I haven't heard anything back? Candid responses from agents are just priceless, it's hard to resist. Plus, I've made so many revisions since the fall, you wouldn't even recognize the first three chapters.
-Christina Marshall

Chris Marshall said...

So, after thinking it over, I figure the answer to my question is probably no. Sorry to waste your time.

Lisa Iriarte said...

Mrs. Rappaport,

I noticed that you will be attending the Florida Writers Association conference in November. If I plan to pitch my manuscript to you there, I assume I should not query you prior to that. Is that a correct assumption?

Lisa Iriarte

Jenny Rappaport said...

Chris Marshall, if you have a question about a submission with me, please conduct all business about it through e-mail. I'm not going to reply to you about private business matters on a public blog.

Lisa Iriarte, you can query me before the conference, if you want to. It's entirely up to you.

Anonymous said...

Amateur hour or what?

Anonymous said...

So if we haven't heard from you since we sent it, even if under four weeks ago, it's a rejection?

I didn't realize that you read (and accepted/rejected) them as they came in.

Anon 1

Jenny Rappaport said...

Anon 1, it's not a rejection until you get an actual e-mail or SASE back, saying it's a rejection.

I read the titles and the names of the authors; if they jump out at me, I deal with it. Otherwise, it goes to my intern. That's how I know people are repeating queries because I remember the titles of the ones I've seen, especially those with unusual words in them.

Chro said...

Jenny - Clearly you have my book, "The Clyptix of Gorunthu" confused with someone else's book, "The Clipticks of Garunthoo"

Just kidding. ;)