Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Personalized Query Rejections, last chance!

This is just a friendly reminder to anyone still wanting a personal rejection for your query that you have only 48 hours left to send them in to me. Any query I receive that's been sent before 11:59pm EST on July 23rd will be given a personalized rejection. Any query that has a time stamp of 12:00am EST on July 24th will be back to form rejections and my regular intern. =)

I've also requested all seven of the partials that have been passed back to me by Jodi, so you should have all heard by now.

And just on a totally random side note, I'm totally digging Miley Cyrus' new CD, "Breakout". I don't think I'm ever going to outgrow my addiction to this type of pop music. =)


BuffySquirrel said...

I would *love* a personalised query rejection, but I feel diffident about querying a novel that--on closer examination--probably isn't ready to have its partial read. I know a partial request is unlikely, but I'd hate to waste everyone's time.

Anonymous said...

What e-mail address should we submit to for the personalized responses?

Jodi Meadows said...



Buffysquirrel, if you email my personal address (jodi.meadows at gmail) I'll reject you, if you like. I really do like reading queries and trying to help people make them better. I'm sick like that. Don't worry, it's not (very) contagious. ;)

Anonymous 11:26, just send them to Jenny's regular work address in the submission guidelines and she'll get them directed to the right inboxes. :)

TerriRainer said...

I just wanted to thank you for this great learning tool! I got a very nice PERSONAL rejection, never felt the need to bash poor Ms. Meadows, and what she had to say was very constructive.

Thanks again!
:) Terri

PS I will go back to lurking again.

BuffySquirrel said...

Wow, that's cool! :)

Hmm, I remember the days of reading slush and trying to give helpful comments. These days I just slam bang them.

Sheila Lamb said...

Thank you, Jodi, for the personalized reply!