Thursday, July 31, 2008


I haven't discussed the Helix issue on here, largely because I try to keep this a polite blog, and I don't think I could safely discuss William Sanders now without using some very not-nice words.

But, despite Sanders' bigotry (google for full details and many, many embittered arguments), there were a number of very talented writers published in his online magazine. Some of them are personal friends, and others are just acquaintances. Regardless, a few of them have started their own reprint site, to allow people to read their fiction in a professional setting; it also includes some of their takes on the situation that happened.

You don't have to worry about the kerfuffle that led up to the creation of this website. Just go there for the good fiction itself.

I present to you, Transcriptase.


Kristine Overbrook said...

Thank you for the site. I'm not trying to start anything but, I read about the controversy and I need to know one thing...

what does pantiwadulous mean?

Seriously, is it a real word (You seem good at finding cool ones, so I thought you would know) or something to the effect of "underwear in a bunch"?

I'm looking forward to reading the site. Thanks as always for sharing.

Jenny Rappaport said...

Kristine Overbrook, "or something to the effect of "underwear in a bunch"" is exactly what it means--it's a made up word, as far as I know, deliberately meant to be offensive.

Nancy D'Inzillo said...

Wow. That guy just gives all sci-fi writers a bad name, and sadly he's not the only one among us with extremely bigoted views. What person talks like that in their rejection letters anyway? Talk about total unprofessionalism!

Thanks for the site, though. I look forward to browsing momentarily.

Anonymous said...

wasn't Heinlein similarly biased?

Kvn said...

To Anonymous: Robert Heinein? Uh, no. Sanders conflates Islam and terrorism in an almost satirical display of bigotry; like he was drunk and thought it was funny. But he wasn't kidding, and it wasn't funny.