Thursday, August 28, 2008

Anonymous, be gone with ye!

So after having been driven crazy by the preponderance of comments from various "Anonymous" people, who never bother to identify themselves... I have disabled anonymous commenting. If you want to say something, you'll have to be registered or have OpenID or whatever other standard Blogger uses. I simply can't keep you all straight in my mind.

If this decreases the comments left, so be it. It's better for my sanity. =)


lotusloq said...

Seems only fair to me. We know who you are. You should at least know the fake names we use. :)

numdlmom said...

Hi Jenny,

It's nice to hear that you would like to get to know us as well. I often wonder if agents really care about what their fans have to say.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Jenny Rappaport said...

Of course I want to know who you guys are! What would be the point of having the blog otherwise? =)

Ryan Field said...

When I first started reading blogs I didn't know how to register, so I simply did the anon thing. But it didn't feel right for some reason, to just leave anonymous comments. So I figured out how to register, and if I can do it, as the biggest blogger dunce in the world, anyone can.