Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cats like flowers

I actually caught Zoe licking the leaves of these the other day... oy.


Pema said...

I've found that the cats' interest in the flowers as they age will only increase, so I try to keep my flowers either in sight, or behind a closed door. There's nothing like having to clean up the mess after the cats have knocked over the vase. Also, if you used the little packet of preservative that often comes with flowers these days, you don't want your cats to be able to drink the water.

Maura Anderson said...

Barfed up flowers are NO FUN to clean up.

Mine love spider plants. I can't have one at home anymore because it's immediately eaten off to the ground level.

I tried spraying one with bitter apple but one of my cats appears to like the taste of it and licked it off.

Cats - sigh.

Oh - a few cute kitten pics on my blog you might get a laugh out of. and

Ryan Field said...

They love them. Especially indoor cats.

Kristin Laughtin said...

So cute. We had to start hiding the flowers from my dog, both because of the preservative packets and because she liked to bite the red ones off. Only the red.

Mary Paddock said...

I think Zoe was just going for a photo op, myself.

A few years ago, my mother bought me a couple of pots of lemon balm. At least that's what the marker from the green house said they were. But when I got home, I noticed the cats were taking a great deal of interest in them, especially the Siamese. I did a quick search on the internet and quickly discovered what I had was (you guessed it already) two pots of cat nip. There was no protecting the plants after that. They were stripped by the next morning and the Siamese was staggering around beating up the other cats (he was a mean drunk).