Saturday, August 23, 2008

Conversation snippet

To briefly follow up on yesterday's brief post, I present the following conversation, circa about five minutes ago.

Me: "Obama has chosen Biden as his Vice President. I find it extremely boring."
Chris: "Biden, are you serious?"
Me: "Yes, Biden."
Chris: "What a bad choice. Biden is like three hundred years old."

(Also, this weekend, I intend to retreat into catching up on Olympics coverage and knitting a scarf for a competition. Through a surprise piece of luck, I am actually still alive and have a chance of killing my knitting target. Expect brief blog posts, unless something strikes my fancy to write about. Or maybe a cat picture or two. Would anyone like a cat picture?)


Anonymous said...

Obama took the bait. He fell into the trap. Insecure about his own inexperience, he chose "the Ted Baxter of the Democratic Party." Biden is a blathering buffoon. He adds nothing. Obama should have realized that no one person is qualified to be president. But he's a dope. He's going to lose just like we all hoped for. Karma!

Natalie said...

Ooo, cat pictures. Zoe is so photogenic.

L.C.McCabe said...


I'm a bit older than you and I've been involved in politics for :ahem: over twenty years.

I like Joey B.

I always have. Mostly due to his leadership in the early 1990s with the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). It was a landmark piece of legislation that he authored when he was the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. It had been introduced several sessions of Congress before it was finally passed into law.

It was also something that as a political activist was something I was passionate about.

I remember in 1994 there was a report generated by the Majority Party of the Judiciary Committee regarding the need for VAWA. In the introductory section he mentioned that it was his top legislative priority.

I will always have a fondness for him in regards to his leadership on VAWA.

Biden can be incredibly eloquent and he can also be longwinded. He can also be inelegant with a turn of phrase.

I was not excited by the prospect of him running for president, and I am not energized by the thought of him as Obama's running mate. However, Biden is smart and won't take any guff from the Rovian slime machine.

I hope that helps to set your mind at ease about his selection.

Jenny Rappaport said...

l.c.mcabe, thank you for your insight. =)

I don't feel uncomfortable with Biden as the VP pick; I just find him boring. He's a good man--he's smart and well-educated and he does add foreign expertise.

But (and I am only an Obama supporter by default of my desire to vote Democratic; I really wanted Hillary Clinton to get the nomination...).... anyway, but, to me, part of the real crux of Obama's appeal is his ability to reach out to young people. To people my age. To people my husband's age. We're 27 and 28, respectively. He has a huge mass appeal in our demographic.

And simply put, Biden is old and dated to us. It's like giving McCain a weapon to play with.

"Yes, Senator McCain, you're very old to be running for President."

"But Senator Obama, your own running mate is only ten years younger than me!"

Obama has just totally jumped the shark, cutting his young and hip appeal by half. That's why I find it boring.

Anonymous said...

^ Oh, I don't know. I'm on the extreme end of his young population--I'm fifteen--and I couldn't care less how old his running mate is. I think he rounds out Obama's weaknesses pretty well. He's experinced, Obama's not. He's aggressive, Obama isn't. He has foregien expertise, Obama doesn't. Biden is okay by me.