Sunday, August 24, 2008

Up, up, up!

By popular request, here' s a cat picture!

This is Zoe standing in Chris' dresser. That's part of Chris next to her. To quote Chris, who is addicted to LOLcats, "Longcat is longcat!"

I still feel like I'm in a blogging doldrums, but I'll begin answering the questions from last month (finally!) this week. So that'll give me something to write about. =)

I know a lot of people come here because I'm an agent, so I always feel like there should be more agenting content. But frankly, the publishing industry is quite slow right now, being summer and also being a recession. I'm working my butt off behind the scenes on some special projects, and trying to read as many manuscripts as possible. I also now employ Jodi Meadows, who has rightly earned the job title of "Query Goddess", for her super-fast response times. That's about where I am right now. If something interesting comes up, I'll comment about it!


Taymalin said...


being an agent may be what drew a lot of readers to your blog, but it isn't what keeps most of us around. We like you ;-)

Don't feel obligated to blog about agenting.

Natalie said...

Aw, Zoe. Really, she's so beautiful.

Elissa M said...

I've said this before. It's your blog. Write whatever you want. I admit I originally came because of an agenting link, and I like the publishing posts, but I agree with taymalin. I wouldn't come back so often if I didn't like the blog as is.

Jan said...

Your being an agent is what initially attracted my attention, but your cat is what keeps me coming back. Not that I don't appreciate the agenting info, but I really love black kitties.