Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Book Block: BAD ICE by Sandra Cormier

I'm like a little kid who's woken up early to see whether it's snowed--in my case, just to get the Book Block series kicked off to a good start. Here's the first one for your enjoyment! (And a note to prospective Book Block writers: the actual format of your entry is up to you--this is the one that Sandra chose.)

Written by Sandra Cormier

Book Title: Bad Ice
Genre: Romance/Suspense/Mystery
Format: E-book, which is also available in Trade Paperback
Book Length: 229 pages
Publisher: Champagne Books
Release Date: July 1, 2008

A brief overview: When hockey fan Christina Mackey prevents a murder attempt aimed at her idol Jason Petersen, the hockey scene she'd always worshiped from the outside suddenly surrounds her. She's not sure she wants to be part of that world - too much testosterone - but her attraction for Jason is too strong.

Jason is shocked to discover his girlfriend Sheila is behind the attempt on his life and quickly breaks off their relationship. But Sheila uses lies and manipulation in attempting to get him back. As Jason's feelings grow toward the widow who saved him, his past threatens not only their happiness, but Christina's innocent daughter as well.

The "Book Block": As a Canadian and an avid hockey fan, I found it natural to write a romance featuring a hockey player, but I took this typical sports romance theme and gave it a fresh spin, blending in some intrigue and edginess. Bad Ice combines a Dick Francis-like use of unauthorized sleuthing with the harsh reality of unbalanced fans spinning around sports heroes like dangerous satellites. Add a dash of emotion, and hopefully the reader will enjoy the ride.

Harlequin has their NASCAR romances – why can't Canada have hockey romance? It's an untapped market. Canadian women love hockey, and hockey players. Guys seem to like it, too.

Where You Can Get The Book: E-book Edition, Trade Paperback Edition

Sandra's website: www.sandracormier.com


Chumplet said...

Oh, yippee! I'm going to link this to my blog and tell all my buddies! Thanks!

Judith Leger said...

Bad Ice sounds great, Sandra! Wishing you the very best!!

Major Hugs,

Leslie Ann Dennis said...

Oh Sandra! You're so right. Hockey players are sexxxxy (well, the ones that still have their front teeth, I mean - LOL) But I'm with you... this is an untapped market. Wishing you MUCHO success, my friend!

evepaludan said...

I added you to my blogroll. The book sounds terrific!

Zara Penney said...

Chumplet, since I was there at the birth of this little number, guess I get to hand out the cigars LOL

ShelbyReed said...

I LOVE the idea of a Nascar-like series about hockey players! Well done, dear Chumplet, you talented woman!

Bernita said...

~beams at Sandra~